Basic Experiments in the Field of Radiation Detection

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with applications of ionizing radiation detectors and also with the principles of detection and spectrometry of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation detectors in this course is considered as a device which produces an evaluable signal at the time of interaction (unlike dosimeters). The aim of the course is to understand to basic principles of detection and calibration of common instruments in the field of ionizing radiation measurement.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Work safety training and work with sources of ionizing radiation.

2.Determination of half-life of radioactive decay.

3.The statistical distribution of the number of detected particles.

4.Penetration of the beam of beta radiation through the matter.

5.Detection of surface contamination by a radioactive substance.

6.Energy calibration and FWHM of the scintillation detector.

7.Energy calibration and FWHM of the HPGe detector.

8.Determination of Activity by HPGe Detector.

9.Dose determination by various methods.

10.Determination of the specific activity of gas.

11.Basic properties of the GM detector.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key References:

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Recommended References:

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