Production management II.

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Department of Management and Economics

The aim of teaching the subject Production Management-II is to acquaint students with modern philosophies and approaches to building a productive operational production system of a company with an emphasis on the needs of logistics in the supply-customer chain (Supply Chain Management). That is, integrated production management with an emphasis on the management of CNC factories, enabling the application and development of Industry 4.0 philosophies. The subject uses global knowledge and advanced standards of professional literature and scientific publications in the areas of Production and Operations management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM). The subject also connects the management of operational-production systems, logistics and supply chain management with the development of ICT, especially with ERP, MRP, Industry 4.0 systems with artificial intelligence AI, virtual reality systems, intra-company Ethernet networks and the like.

The subject discusses the creation of production strategies, projected into production planning, using forecasting, non-productive capital management and Leam management principles. The course applies globally recognized automotive industry methodologies to the conditions of ordinary Czech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It teaches students to handle issues in a practical and productive way on a Czech and international scale. It directs students to innovations in products, equipment and processes. The acquired knowledge is well applicable when solving practical problems in diploma theses and in future employment, not only in industry. The course appropriately integrates the knowledge of a number of related managerial and technical subjects. At the same time, it responds to the current requirements of business practice and foreign cooperation.


Required preliminary knowledge: Completion of the course: Production management-I.

Requirements for students:

Processing of all assigned tasks, their presentation and defending the solution.

Processing of semester work.

Obtaining at least 50% on the intermediate tests.

Prescribed course attendance.

Combined studies – three participations in lectures of your own choice are mandatory. It is also mandatory to prepare the above prescribed topics in a Power-Point presentation (at least 23 pages per written topic), no later than the stated deadlines. Elaborated presentations are sent to the email: michalkavan@seznam.cz. The presentations will then be made available to other students on the Institute's website in Moodle, where this syllabus is also available.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Objectives of the subject, changes in production systems under the influence of Lean 6sigma and Industry 4.0.

2. Production management under the influence of the development of supply chains and logistics.

3. Modern methods and means of supply chain management, logistics and CNC production.

4. Basics of inventory management, EOQ method.

5. Statistical determination of the moment of ordering ROP and the amount of insurance stocks.

6. Inventory management methods suitable for retail FOI.

7. Designing production lines (Line Balancing).

8. Designing effective work, tasking (Job design).

9. Determining the sequence of work operations (Flow process chart).

10. Methodology of standards of elementary times (Standard Elemental Times, REFA).

11. Production quality management under the influence of IIoT development and 5G and 6G networks.

12. Management of rationalization projects with industrial engineering methods.

13. Production audit procedures. Course recap, content and benefits debate.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Introduction to the course program. Rules of work before exercise and on exercise. Creation of teams for semestral work.

2.Calculation of decision models.

3.Calculations for supply chain management.

4.Order quantity calculations, EOQ method.

5.Calculations for determining the moment of ordering ROP.

6.Inventory management calculations, suitable for retail FOI.

7.Design of production lines (Line Balancing).

8.Designing effective work, job design.

9.Designing Flow Process Chart.

10.Calculation of Standard Elemental Times.

11.Methods of statistical analysis in production quality management TQM.

12.Application of methods for industrial engineering project management.

13.Conclusion, recapitulation of the main message of the course, summary of basic knowledge and discussion about the content and benefits of the course.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to present the integration of production, operation, logistics and supply chain management in the era of Industry 4.0 strategies and everything related to it. It represents processes, the implementation of which belongs to various organizational components, which in themselves represent a value-creating chain, as formulated by M. Porter. The subject is devoted to both the chain of material and immaterial relations and flows, where information and communication technologies are a key part. The course also introduces students to active elements, such as computer-controlled means of production, data processing systems, or, for example, programming languages. The subject seeks answers to the questions: What to buy, from whom, when and where to produce, what means to use, how to time smooth production towards the global market. To use or not to use cooperation, at what price to sell, what delivery date to promise, or what is the most profitable method of production. Teaching appropriately integrates knowledge of related managerial and other subjects. At the same time, it responds to the current requirements of business practice and foreign cooperation.

Study materials:

Kavan, M.: Production management II., CTU 1999, ISBN 80-01-02067-3.

Kavan M.: Production and Operations Management, Grada Publishing, 2002. ISBN 80-247-0199-5.

Kavan M.: Production Management, CTU, 2006. ISBN 80-01-03445-3.

*Waters D.: Supply Chain Management, Playgrave Macmillan, New York 2009, ISBN: 9780230200524.

*Valacich J. S.: Information Systems Today: Managing in the Digital World, Global Edition, Pearson Education Limited, 2022, ISBN 1292438118.

*Endress Tobias: Digital Project Practice for New Work and Industry 4.0, Taylor&Francis Ltd., 2023, ISBN: 9781032276045.

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