Creative Coding and Computational Art

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Radek Richtr
Josef Kortán, Radek Richtr
Radek Richtr, Vojtěch Tomas
Department of Software Engineering

Students work on practical tasks, get acquainted with creative and yet proven methods of visualizing various types of data.

The course freely follows the basic graphics courses (MGA, BLE,…) and introduces students to suitable visualization methods for traditional as well as for open data.

It combines well-known visualization techniques with artistic methods using modern technologies. The aim is to create an interesting visualization project.

It is planned to work closely with IPR CAMP (Center of Architecture and Metropolitan Planning) and IIM (Institute of Intermedia FEL).


Requirements are strongly individual due to the choice of semester work.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, open data, why creatively visualize data?

2.Methods and Problems for Reservation of Data Consumer Attention.

3. Mapping projection - spatial augmented reality

4. Visualization of point clouds (volumetric data)

5. Visualization of vector data

6. Mutual mapping and visualization of modalities, non-traditional visualization methods

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, Course organization, DEMO

2. Excursion - CAMP, presentation of projects

3. Characteristics of the problem (Input data vs. their representation, Analyze, Model)

4. Ways of data visualization / SW tools vs. reality

5. Marketing - how to get your ideas into the world.

6. work on the project - research part

7. work on the project - research part

8. Milestone

9. Presentation of the project plus getting feedback from the real world

10. work on the project - implementation

11. work on the project - implementation

12. work on the project - implementation

13. project presentation

Study Objective:

Students are working on a larger team project (5-7 students). The project is chosen from the topics offered with a specific type of data (3D CT, voxel data, large graphs, point cloudy,…) or specific art-visual installations created by students in cooperation with CAMP / IIM. Projects are either creative / artistic and / or technical (visualization).

Study materials:

Shiffman, Daniel: Learning Processing: a beginner’s guide to programming images, animation, and interaction

Lauren McCarthy, Ben Fry, and Casey Reas: Getting Started with p5.js: Making Interactive Graphics in JavaScript and Processing, by.

Greenberg, Ira: Creative Coding and Computational Art (Foundation) (1st ed.), friends of ED, p. 840, ISBN 1-59059-617-X,

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