Technical Equipment for Health Care Facilities, the Infrastructure and Architecture

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Department of Biomedical Technology

The course deals with the following topics - infrastructure of a medical facility and its architecture, media distribution (utility networks - electrical wiring, specifics of circuits, water, gas distribution, power systems, power supplies, drives, compensation, spaces in healthcare - specifics of individual spaces, steam distribution systems), practical exercises in the area of project development, familiarization with the necessary related Czech technical norms and standards of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which specify all the requirements for various types of premises and equipment, focus on barrier-free healthcare facilities.


Assessment of the examination: the assessment consists of a defence of a simple study of one project (weighting 20%) and an oral examination (two questions - weighting 80%). The assessment is based on the ECTS scale.

Syllabus of lectures:

Lecture outline:

Drawing drawing, engineering, construction, cable marking, switchboards, fire seals, fire sections

Project management, logistics thinking, communication with medical personnel, feasibility studies, justification of technical solutions

Bill of quantities, project valuation, project documentation, legislation (Act 268/14Sb. on medical devices)

Feasibility study for ARO (ICU) box design, layout, decision criteria, infusion technology

Utilities in healthcare, spare power supplies, UPS, machine drives, contemporaneity, selection of shutdown protection, types of ZT power supply, operating conditions

Imaging technology, ionising radiation sources

Operating theatres, operating theatres, ICU, ARO, filters, hygiene, air handling

Healthcare buildings - pavilion type, monoblocks, support rooms, hygiene requirements, material transport

ZT with measuring function, laboratories, ZT, optimization of equipment operation and maintenance

Sterilisation, steam and gas distribution, endoscopes and cleaning

Air and particles, radiotherapy

Adult ward structure, children's ward structure, ancillary areas

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Study materials:

NICKL-WELLER, Christine, ed. a Hans NICKL, ed. Hospital architecture. 1st ed. [Salenstein]: Braun, 2013. 423 s. ISBN 978-3-03768-124-4.

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