Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Examination Methods

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Department of Biomedical Technology

The course deals with the following topics - biochemistry of the human organism, important metabolic and regulatory pathways and disorders of these processes, possibilities of diagnosis of these disorders and procedures of relevant laboratory tests, activities of the clinical laboratory, processing of data from methods used in clinical laboratories.


Requirements for credit: Attendance at classes is mandatory, absences must be properly excused (for serious reasons) and made up. A maximum of three exercises in total may be made up. Completion of all assignments given in the exercises. Submission of the logs of the data processing exercises. Presentation on the assigned topic.

The exam consists of a written test and covers the scope of all lectures and exercises. The overall assessment of the test corresponds to the applicable ECTS grading scale. After successful completion of the written test, an oral retest for a better grade is possible.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to clinical biochemistry, preanalytical influences on the examination and properties of the analytical method

2. Composition of the organism, main analytes to be determined and appropriate diagnostic methods

3. Principles of metabolism and body integration, carbohydrate metabolism and diagnosis of its disorders

4.Lipid metabolism and diagnosis of its disorders, nitrogen metabolism (amino acids, purines, nucleotides) and diagnosis of its disorders

5.Blood, plasma proteins, diagnosis of inflammation and cardiovascular diseases

6. Enzymes and determination of their activity, immune system

7.Hormones and neurotransmitters, their determination, laboratory examination in pregnancy

8.Clinical biochemistry of the internal environment - water and ion management, acid-base balance, blood gases

9.Nutrition and digestion, biochemical diagnostics in gastroenterology

10.Liver biochemistry, clinical methods of investigation in hepatology

11. kidney and urinary tract function and diagnosis of kidney and urinary tract diseases, urinalysis

12.Toxicological investigations, drug level testing, tumours and tumour markers

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Safety in the biochemical laboratory, pre-analytical influences and solution preparation

2.Properties of organism components and principles of diagnostic methods

3.Basic principles and implications of metabolism

4.Properties and determination of carbohydrates in the clinical laboratory

5.Properties of cholesterol, phospholipids, bile acids and lipoprotein particles

6.TLC of amino acids and properties of nitrogenous waste products

7. Plasma protein determination and agarose gel electrophoresis

8.Digestive enzymes, determination of lactate dehydrogenase enzyme activity

9. Immunochemical determination of hormones

10.Acid-base balance - determination of titration curves

11.Properties and determination of vitamins

12. Biochemical examination of urine

Study Objective:
Study materials:


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