Medical Devices and Equipment II. (Therapeutical Devices)

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F7PBBLPZ2 Z,ZK 2 1P+1L Czech
The course F7PBBLPZ2 can be graded only after the course F7PBBFY2 has been successfully completed.
The course F7PBBLPZ2 can be graded only after the course F7PBBBLS has been successfully completed.
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Department of Biomedical Technology

Credit requirements:

1) Elaboration of all required protocols and tasks from laboratory exercises according to the teacher's assignment and their submission within the set deadlines. Correction of submitted works according to the teacher's instructions.

2) Active participation in laboratory exercises; duly excused and compensated absences.

Exam evaluation:

1) Written semester test given at the lecture during the semester (20% points). The questions are from the content of lectures and exercises, including the assigned independent study and homework, discussed by the end of the immediately preceding teaching week. Participation in the semester test is not mandatory and its completion is not a condition for obtaining credit.

2) Final exam (80% points). The exam is in written form. The questions are from the content of lectures and exercises, including the assigned independent study and homework. It is not allowed to use literature or other help during the exam. The condition for including points from the exam in the overall evaluation of the subject is the gain of at least 40 points (50%) from the final written exam.

Students are expected to have knowledge of mathematics, physics, physical chemistry, anatomy and physiology in the first four semesters of the field of BMT when entering the semester test and exam questions.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Therapeutic technique and its construction.

2. Effects of electric current on human tissue.

3. Pacemakers. Defibrillators.

4. Electrosurgery. Electrotherapy. Magnetotherapy.

5. Therapeutic ultrasound.

6. Infusion technique.

7. Hemodialysis.

8. Artificial organ replacements. Artificial heart.

9. Microwave diathermy

10. Radiotherapy.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introductory exercises, connection with power electronic elements - measurement of characteristics

2. Defibrillators

3. Pacemakers

4. Electrotherapy

5. Magnetotherapy

6. Therapeutic ultrasound

7. Infusion technique

8. Electrosurgical units

9. Role in the simulated ICU environment, use of the patient model

10. Microwave diathermy

Study Objective:


The course aims to acquaint students with the principles and use of therapeutic techniques in clinical practice, especially with their function, with a brief description in the form of required parameters, specifics of use, possible contraindications affecting the output and safety requirements. And all this in connection with applicable legislation and Czech state and EU standards relating to medical devices and safety requirements.

Specifically, these are devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, electrotherapy units, electrosurgical units, magnetotherapy, infusion equipment, microwave diathermy, radiotherapy, but also instrumental organ replacement.

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