Advanced Virtual Reality

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NI-PVR KZ 4 2P+1C Czech
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Petr Pauš
Petr Pauš
Petr Pauš
Department of Software Engineering

The course introduces advanced parts of the virtual reality. It is a continuation of the already running graphic objects, especially the creation of 3D models in Blender, and among other things, it introduces students to their application in virtual reality.

Lectures will focus on virtual reality technology, its use in various applications and will also deal with creating applications in available 3D engines (mainly Unity3D).

The course is freely connected with the subject VHS (virtual game worlds), students will be able to apply the knowledge gained in this subject in virtual reality, or directly create a complex game for VR.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to virtual reality and its history.

2. Available devices and VR technical solutions.

3. Available frameworks for VR application development.

4. VR application programming in Unity3D.

5. Unity3D for VR applications and advanced development methods I.

6. Unity3D for VR applications and advanced development methods II.

7. Application user interface.

8. 3D modeling and virtual reality.

9. Current commercial use of VR.

10. Capturing user interaction and methods of feedback.

11. Augmented reality.

12. Mathematics hidden in VR and AR.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1Assignment of term projects.

2Introduction to the headset installation, room setup, and controllers.

3Unity3D, new project, 3D object import, VR plugins import, application compilation.

4Modelling in Blender, textures, export to Unity3D.

5Object interaction, teleportation, basic interactive application.

6Term project check point.

7User interface (menu, buttons, textboxes), scripting in Unity3D.

8Complex scene (surfaces, trees).

9Object animation.

10Advanced scripting in Unity3D.

11Augmented reality application.

12Project presentation.

Study Objective:

Students who complete the course should have detailed VR knowledge (hw, sw) and be able to do their own application in Unity3D.

Study materials:

The course lectures are based on the current available literature on VR. The practical lectures use Unity3D, currently one of the most widely used 3D engines, which is fully multiplatform, free for non-commercial or low-budget use.

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