Management practice

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David Buchtela
David Buchtela
David Buchtela
Department of Software Engineering

The Student can once, within its master's degree graduate (to apply) management practices in the selected subject of practice (business subject) on the operational, tactical or strategic level of management (typically at the position of project manager, middle or top manager). The selected subject of practice and professional filling is assessed well in advance the course guarantor. In the selected subject of practice may not have a substantial ownership interest or substantial decision-making influence of the relatives of the student (e.g. as a member of the top management).


For the registration of the course shall report the student signed Application for registration of the management practice with the following (assessed) attributes.

- the type of the selected subject (business subject, non-profit organization, ...)

- ownership and organizational structure of the subject (with regard to the ownership or decision-making proportion of a student or his relatives in the chosen subject)

- the number of employees or managed persons in the subject

- description and scope of activities of the position of the student in the selected subject

- duration of the activity of the student at the corresponding position in the selected subject (min. 20 mandays / 4 weeks)

The application is submitted through the study department and assesses her course guarantor. The guarantor of the course will complement the student's request, whether it approves or does not approve course enrolment.

For the recognition of the practice (obtaining credit), the student must provide evidence Report on the management practice, which includes primarily the following elements:

- subject of practice specification (identification)

- support scope of practice in duration of min. 20 mandays (approximately 4 weeks full-time), e.g. in the form of an employment contract for a stated period of time

- description of the specialized contents and a description of the position to the appropriate level of management

- an overview of the (number) and a description of the activities managed by the workers

- confirmation of the statutory representative of the subject or senior management to the worker on completion of the practice and the facts mentioned in the Report on management practice

Credit of the course the course guarantor awards into the study system (KOS) on the basis of the assessment of the documented Report on the management practice. The decision to grant or not to grant credit, with the possible justification of the decision, writes the course guarantor into Report on management practice too.

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Study materials:

1. Doležal, J. ? kolektiv: Projektový management, Grada Publishing a.s., 2016, ISBN 978-80-247- 5620-2

2. Voříšek, J. - Pour, J.: Management podnikové informatiky, Professional Publishing 2012, ISBN 978-80-7431-102-4

3. Donelly H. J. ? Gibson L. J.: Management, Grada Publishing a.s., 1997, ISBN 978-80-7169-422-9

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