Radiological Technique - Diagnostic Radiology

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

X-ray unit, X-ray production, interactions of X-rays with tissue, image formation, image receptors, image quality, analogue and digital imaging modalities, computed tomography, dosimetry and radiation protection in diagnostic and interventional radiology, quality control.


Finished courses 16ZDOZ1, 16ZDOZ2, 16DETE, 16URF1, 16URF2, 16IDOB.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. X CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT: A History of X-ray diagnostics, X-ray tube - the features and components.

2. GENERATION X-rays: X-ray tube spectrum, spectral method of determining the parameters characterizing the spectrum, qualitative differences in the spectra for different imaging methods.

3. INTERACTION PROCESSES IN TISSUE, GENERATION X IMAGE: Types of interactions, their dependence on the representation of radiant energy and composition of the display materials, meaning the emergence of X-ray. image formation of X-ray. image contrast agents.

4. PICTURE X RECEPTORS: radiographic film, intensifying film, cassettes, features a combination of film-foil - DQE, conversion efficiency, absorption efficiency, the spectral sensitivity of film, television and video amplifier chain - components and functions.

5. Image quality: contrast, resolution - PSF, LSF, ESF, MTF, noise, SNR, relations between the parameters describing the image quality, the ROC analysis.

6. Imaging methods: radiography, mammography, dental, conventional tomography, angiography, fluoroscopy, the imaging process - development, sensitometry optimization.

7. DIGITAL IMAGING METHODS: storage foil - CR (computed radiography), CCD, flat panel detectors, digital mammography, digital fluoroscopy, dental radioviziografie, DSA, digital image creation.

8. Computed tomography (CT): CT construction, detectors for CT reconstruction algorithms, algebraic, iterative method, simple and filtered back projection, sinogram, Radon and Fourier transform-use.

9. Computed tomography (CT) and multislice CT singleslice, A. axial spiral CT, the definition of the cutting width.

10. Dosimetry in X-RAY DIAGNOSIS: basic dosimetric quantities - vs. kerma. dose of directly measurable quantities for various imaging modalities, their mutual relations, measurement and computation.

11. Dosimetry and Radiation Protection in Interventional Radiology: RO specifics and dosimetry in interventional radiology, the risk of deterministic effects, the maximum skin dose, effective dose estimation, methods of reducing radiation exposure of patients to surgical intervention, evaluation of image quality.

12. RADIATION PROTECTION IN X-RAY. DIAGNOSIS: Standards testing, load and radiation protection personnel and the public, the share of X-ray examination of the radiation load of the population and the associated radiation risk.

13. QA and QC: reasons and prerequisites for program quality assurance, legislative requirements and practical implementation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Parameters characterizing the spectrum - voltage, filtration, polotloušťka, efficient energy, medium energy.

2. The emergence of X-ray. image formation of image contrast, secondary radiation, secondary radiation suppression methods.

3. Imaging process - developing, sensitometry optimization.

4. The quality of digital video, digital image processing.

5. Methods for estimating radiation exposure during CT, practical demonstrations, exercises for teaching software.

6. The issue of screening, the technical means to reduce the dose of the test.

Study Objective:


Knowledge about X-ray construction and digital imaging in medicine.


Using computed tomography and X-ray diagnostic imaging for patients. The ability to choose appropriate imaging method for the type of examination with respect to the required information and to minimize doses.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] J.T. Bushberg, The Essential Physics of Medical Imaging, LWW, 2002

Recommended references:

[2] T.L. Fauber,Radiographic Imaging and Exposure, Mosby, 2000

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