Fundamentals of Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology for Physicists 2

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

Basics of medical nomenclature. General anatomy. Overview of tissues. Skeleton. Muscular system. Digestive system and its physiology. Respiratory system and physiology of respiration. Urinary and reproductive systems, physiology of the kidney. Cardiovascular system, heart and circulation, haemocoagulation. Nervous system - overview of the nerves, CNS. Visual system and its physiology. Auditory and vestibular system and its physiology. Skin. Endocrinology.


Required prerequisity is 16ZBAF1.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Organisatin of living systems, non-cell and cell organisms, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Molecular and cell biology. Cytology (cell organization, biological membranes and membrane function, membrane organelles, cytoskeleton). Cell cycle, mitosis, cell-division control system. Cell differentiation and aging. Cell factors and environment factors.

2. Basics of human genetics. Human karyotype, chromosomal aberrations. Monogenic characters - normal and pathological. Gene binding and gene mapping.

3. Relatioship of organisms and environment. Introduction to human ecology and infuence of external environmental factors.

4. General human anatomy. Bones: upper extremity (UE), lower extremity (LE)

5. General physiology. Knucklebones UE + LE

6. Backbone, pelvis. Skull.

7. Skull + backbone connections. Physicology of muscular action.

8. Muscles of thorax. Muscles UE + LE. GIT I. Physiology of GIT.

9. Emryology. Physiology of movement.

10. GIT II. Physiology of GIT. Respiration system. Respiration physiology.

11. Uropoetic system. Spirometry. Heart and its physiology.

12. General anatomy of blood vessels. Main arteries and veins. Physiology of blood, blood coagulation. Nerves CNS.

13. Eeyes and physicology of sight.

14. Audition and vestibular system. Physiology of hearing and balance. Skin and glands.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Construction of cell division.

2. Fundamentals of Genetics and Human Genetics.

3. The heart and cardiac physiology.

4. General anatomy of the arteries, the main artery of the body, an overview of living and physiology of blood clotting.

5. Overview nerves. CNS.

6. The optic tract and the physiology of the optic tract.

7. Auditory and vestibular system and the physiology of hearing and balance.

8. Skin, glands of internal secretion.

Study Objective:


Knowledge about medical nomenclature. General anatomy and physiology.


Orientation of the general anatomy and human anatomy, the ability of classification authorities and their physiology to the needs of radiological physics.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] Linc R., Doubkova A.: Anatomy of momentum, I. - III. part, Prague, Karolinum, 1998(in Czech)

[2] Stingl J.: Anathomy - a textbook for bachelor studies. 3. MF UK, Prague 1994(in Czech)

Recommended references:

[3] Feneis H., Dauber W.: Anatomy picture dictionary, 2nd edition., Grada, Prague, 1996(in Czech)

[4] Otova, Soukup, Kapras et al.: Human Biology for bachelor studies on MF. Karolinum, Prague 1997(in Czech)

[5] Rokyta R. et al.: Physiology, Prague, 2000(in Czech)

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