Basics of Preventive Medicine

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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

Overview of general and comunal enviromental hygiene. Emphasis is laid on hygienic requirements of work environment for selectes physical and chemical compounds. General and comunal hygiene: practice and theory of hygiene. Development of hygiene. Basic constitution of hygienic compounds and their organisation. Hygiene of atmosphere, land, water and residences. Hygienic requirements on work environment. Work hygiene. Physical factors in work environment: temperature, humidity. Conditions of work places (air condition, air exchange, heating). Ilumination: Values of parameters. Visual well-being. Heat: Basic parameters. Heat well-being. Actions against noise. Actions against vibrations. Effects of noise on human being. Chemical pollutants and aerosols in work environment: Health protection at work.Hygiene of surfaces and coatings. Security of work environment: Security of constructions. Fire security. Waste hygiene and their disposal: waste water, solid waste, hygiene of water. Protection of human health and health security at work: Basic terms. Actions to prevent illnesses. Duties in field of health protection. Categorization of work places. Declaration of risk activities. Kinds of work injuries. Registration and their evidence. Reporting of work injuries and investigation of their origins. Reporting of work injuries and deffects of technical instrumentation, investigation of their origins.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Hygiene in theory and practice. Organization of hygienic supervision, history of the field.

2. Hygiene of the environment? bioindicators and biomarkers of pollution.

3. Basic hygiene requirements for the working environment: physical, chemical and biological factors.

4. Illumination and microclimate.

5. Chemical pollutants in the working environment.

6. Safety of the working environment, use of personal protective equipment.

7. Aerosols in the air. Dust in the indoor environment

8. Prevention of illness. Obligations in the field of health protection: categorization of work, proclamation of risks.

For all factors, brief information on measurement and assessment, limit values, health effects, and legislative requirements.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:


Knowledge of workplace health requirements for selected physical and chemical components, general and comunal enviromental hygiene.


Define the basic requirements for hygiene and rules for activities related to medical applications using ionizing radiation.

Study materials:

Key references:

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Recommended references:

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