Transport Processes in the Subsurface

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D43TPPV_EN ZK 2P English
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Milena Císlerová
Milena Císlerová
Department of Landscape Water Conservation

The subject is the continuation of Hydraulics of Porous Media.

Fundamentals of solute transport in the subsurface. Complexity of the problem, miscible flow, conservative flow, advection-dispersion equation, initial and boundary conditions, methods of solution. Velocity field determination.. Dispersion characteristics, methods of determination, inverse optimisation programs, scale dependence.

Parameter identification. Transport of reactive species, types of chemical reactions. Multiphase (immiscible) flow,

NAPLs, mathematical description. Numerical simulation models. Flow of water and migrants in natural conditions, preferential flow and transport. Aplication of HYDRUS simulation models. Geochemical and multipdase simulation models. Case studies.

For this subject the passing of the Hydraulics of Porous Media is assumed. In negative case, the basic knowledge of the theory of flow in porous media is given in initial lectures supplemented by individual reading of selected literature and followed by testing of relevant knowledge.


Written exam followed by discussion of results, and a review of studied literature

Syllabus of lectures:

Individual work with students with respect to the orientation and the topic of their dissertation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

There are no seminars

Study Objective:

Understanding the theory of flow and transport in vadose zone, learning to work with relevant literature

Study materials:

Bear, J. Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media, Elsevier, 1992

Bear, J., A. Verruijt, Modelling groundwater flow and pollution, Kluwer, 1994

HYDRUS Simulation Models

Manuals of HYDRUS programs

Individualy chosen internet materials and articles recently published in international magazines,, relevant to the subject of dizertation.

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