Soil Erosion Monitoring

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D43MEP_EN ZK 1P+1C English
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Josef Krása
Josef Krása
Department of Landscape Water Conservation

Course students get acquainted with the principles of modern methods of monitoring of erosion processes and monitoring of sediment transport and sediment bound pollutants. Monitoring of transport of substances is linked to transport models and options for verification of their equations. The basis of the subject is getting practical skills and practices in the field and in the laboratory. The individual components of monitoring: remote sensing of eroded surfaces (laserscan, close range photogrammetry, Structure From Motion) and volumetric analysis; in-situ monitoring (field plots, catch bags); monitoring with the use of a rainfall simulator; continuous and episodic monitoring in small water flows (turbidimetry and auto sampler); monitoring using electromagnetic tracers; monitoring of sediment in the reservoirs. Students will solve a separate or team role with the realization of measurements in the laboratory or in the field, including the analysis of collected data and the presentation of results. Part of the teaching are field excursions and monitoring campaigns.

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Povinná literatura:

•Clapuyt, F., Vanacker, V. and Van Oost, K. (2015) ‘Reproducibility of UAV-based earth topography reconstructions based on Structure-from-Motion algorithms’, Geomorphology, (May). doi: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2015.05.011.

•Zribi, M., Baghdadi, N. and Nolin, M. (2011) ‘Remote Sensing of Soil’, Applied and Environmental Soil Science, 2011, pp. 1–2. doi: 10.1155/2013/424178.

•Monitoring device tutorials

Doporučená literatura:

•BÁČOVÁ, M. a KRÁSA, J. Application of Historical and Recent Aerial Imagery in Monitoring Water Erosion Occurrences in Czech Highlands. Soil and Water Research. 2016, 11(4), s. 267-276. ISSN 1801-5395.

•SHOSHANY, M., GOLDSHLEGER, N. & CHUDNOVSKY, A., 2013. Monitoring of agricultural soil degradation by remote-sensing methods: a review. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(17), pp.6152–6181.

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