Noise Measurement in Railway Transportation

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D37MHKD_EN ZK 1P+1C English
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Lenka Lomoz
Lenka Lomoz
Lenka Lomoz
Department of Railway Structures

The subject introduces students to the principle of noise measurement in the field with a focus on modern methods of locating noise sources in rail transport on a real passing vehicle.

As part of the practical part of the course, field measurements will be carried out using a modern device - an acoustic camera, which enables the display of the measured acoustic signal in the video camera image, or sound level meter be used. Students will learn to operate this device as part of the practical part. As part of post-processing, the student will perform a thorough analysis of the frequency range of the signal. Based on the performed frequency analysis, the student will determine which noise sources can be identified as significant and which can be neglected. At the end, an optimal anti-noise measure will be proposed.


There are no requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Charakteristics of sound (noise), description

2. Noise sources in rail transport

3. Principle of noise measurement

4. Localization of noise sources by acoustic camera

5. Working with an acoustic camera - getting to know the device

6. Measurement and evaluation methodology, details of the measurement protocol

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.- 2. Measurements in situ

3. - 5. Postprocessing - data processing in Noise Inspectore

6. Creation of protocol.

7. Presentation of results

Study Objective:

Gaining specialized, narrowly specified knowledge in the area of noise issues in rail transport.

Study materials:

![1]David Thompson: Railway noise and vibration – Mechanisms, modelling and means of control, 2009

![2]Krylov V.: Noise and Vibration from Hight-speed trains, 2001, ISBN: 0 7277 2963 2

![3] V.A.Profillidis: Railway management and Engineering, 2006,ISBN: 978-0-7546-4854-3.

? [4]ČSN EN ISO 3095: Železniční aplikace – Akustika – Měření hluku vyzařovaného kolejovými vozidly, březen 2014

? [5]CAE Software and Systém GmbH – Noise sources localization - Acoustic camera -Bionic L, official manuals for instruments and devices used to implement experiments. 2019)

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