Modelling of Programming Languages

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Department of Theoretical Computer Science

The analysis, transformation, and code generation processes depend on the semantics of the language; in particular, they are correct if they preserve the semantics of the language. This course explores the semantics of programming languages. The students will learn the language models with emphasis on functional languages, students are expected to understand the basics of the lambda calculus and here get acquainted with the advanced lambda calculus. The students also get hands-on-experience with semantic modeling and execution tools.


BI-PPA or some familiarity with functional programming and mathematics (basic logic, sets, and relations)

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Functional programming with Racket.

2. Grammars and pattern matching.

3. Reduction relations and evaluation contexts.

4. Identifiers, binding, and substitution.

5.-6. (2) Advanced lambda calculus (call-by-name, call-by-value).

7. Types: Static checking and soundness.

8. Data types.

9. Models of state and memory.

10. Exceptions and control operators.

11.-12. (2) Abstract machines.

13. Hygienic macros (on syntax trees).

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Grammars and pattern matching in Racket and Redex

2. Computation in Redex: metafunctions and reduction relations

3. Checking properties of language models

4. Type rules and subject reduction

5. Extending models of languages

6. Correspondence between language models

7. Syntactic abstraction in Racket

Study Objective:

Students will learn principles and techniques of specifying the semantics of programming languages, including features such as higher-order functions, state, and control operators. Programming assignments will use Redex, a Racket DSL for small-step operational semantics.

Study materials:

1. Felleisen, M. - Findler, R. B. - Flatt, M. : Semantics Engineering with PLT Redex. MIT Press, 2009. ISBN 9780262062756.

2. Scott, M. L. : Programming Language Pragmatics (4th Edition). Morgan Kaufmann, 2015. ISBN 9780124104099.

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