Business Informatics

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Department of Software Engineering

The aim of the course is to focus on operational, tactical and strategic management of business informatics. Students will gain knowledge in the areas of business process management, ICT services and architectures in enterprise informatics. They will also learn about the principles, models and standards (ITIL, COBIT) in IT management, and lifecycle management of ICT services and resource management (sourcing). Students will learn the process of creating and implementing information strategy, IT Governance, the importance of ICT for business and the context of information strategy with global business strategy. They will also gain knowledge in the areas of economic IT management, revenue and investment management, IT investment evaluation and human resources management in IT (roles CIO, CEO, CFO).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Business informatics, principles, concepts, and components.

2. Architectures, frameworks, levels, and standards of business informatics.

3. Reference model and factors influencing business informatics .

4. Management of business processes and services of business informatics.

5. Types of business informatics services, service architecture, SLA / OLA.

6. Resources management (sourcing / outsourcing) and costs of business informatics.

7. Operations management of enterprise informatics. Incident, Problem and Requirement Management.

8. Strategic management of business informatics.

9. Interconnection of business and information strategy.

10. IT governance in business strategy. IT workforce management.

11. Role in business informatics management (CIO, CFO, and CEO). Communication formulas.

12. Management of business informatics economy. Measuring IT benefits for the enterprise.

13. Quality management and measurement of business informatics and its services.

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Syllabus of tutorials:

Teams presentations according chosen theme.

Preparation and consultation of semestral project.

Elaboration of semestral project.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Ambler, S.W.:Process Patterns: Building Large-Scale Systems Using Object Technology, Cambridge University Press 1998,ISBN 0521645689,,

2. Hall, A.J.: Accounting Information Systems, Cengage Learning 2013, ISBN 9781111972141

3. Voříšek, J. - Pour, J.: Management podnikové informatiky, Professional Publishing 2012, ISBM 978-80-7431-102-4

4. Gála, L. - Buchalcevová, A. - Jandoš, J.: Podniková architektura, Tomáš Bruckner 2012, ISBN 978-809-0466-166

5. Gála, L. - Pour, J. - Šedivá, Z.: Podniková informatika, Grada 2009, ISBN 978-80-247-2615-1

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