Sources of Noise in Railway Transportation

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D37ZHKD ZK 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Lenka Lomoz
Ondřej Bret, Lenka Lomoz, Petra Váňová
Ondřej Bret, Lenka Lomoz, Petra Váňová
Department of Railway Structures

The subject focuses on the issue of noise generation and propagation in rail transport. As part of the theoretical part, students will gain knowledge about the problem of noise, its localization and propagation, with an emphasis on rail transport. They will be introduced to both basic and innovative applications of anti-noise measures, both on the vehicle side and on the infrastructure side, and learn to implement their optimal combination to achieve the best possible effect. The practical part of the subject is field measurement, where the dominant sources of noise on a real moving vehicle will be located with the help of a modern acoustic camera.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction sound, noise and its perception

2. Noise sources in rail transport

3. Propagation of noise (sound) from the source

4. Noise propagation through an obstacle

5. Anti-noise measures (PHO) active

6. Anti-noise measures (PHO) passive

7. Acoustic camera and its use in locating noise sources

Syllabus of tutorials:

8. – 9. Measurements in the field – acoustic camera

10.– 11. Postprocessing – data analysis

12. Processing of the analyzed data into the final report

13. Presentation of results

Study Objective:

Gaining specialized, narrowly specified knowledge in the area of noise issues in rail transport.

Study materials:

![1] Nový R.: Hluk a chvění, ČVUT 2019, ISBN:978-80-01-06554-9

![2] Kotzen, B., English., C.: Environmental Noise Barriers: A guide to their acoustic and visual design - 2nd ed., Spon Press, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0-415-43708-0.

?[3] David Thompson: Railway noise and vibration – Mechanisms, modelling and means of control, 2009

?[4] Krylov V.: Noise and Vibration from Hight-speed trains, 2001, ISBN: 0 7277 2963 2

?[5] CAE Software and Systém GmbH – Noise sources localization - Acoustic camera -Bionic L, official manuals for instruments and devices used to implement experiments. 2019)

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