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Department of Biomedical Technology

Individual practical training completes the practical part of education in the study program Systematic Integration of Processes in Health Care. Students get acquinted with an organization of operations and with basic documentation in a healthcare facility, and train to do selected activities themselves in a practical setting.


Passed course Safety Regulations and Standards in Electrical Engineering,

100% attendance, any absence must be substituted in another day, certificate about fulfilled practical training from the respective workplace, delivered report from the practical training

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The professional training is focused on learning what managers do in a healthcare facility, resp. in a manufacturing or servicing organization within the healthcare industry. The goal is to obtain practical skills and professional knowledge for their future professional life. Next to professional skills, the training should teach also the teamwork.

• activities related to keeping medical records ( performance recording, reporting system, etc.)

• supporting activities in the field of human resources management

• participation in activities of the contrlling / internal audit departments

• participation in processing source data for economic decision-making (preparation of materials for planning, participation in partial economic analyzes, etc.)

• participation in the acquisition of medical devices, including tendering, designing medical technology sets, and participation in the technical schooling of workers in the field of medical technology and occupational safety

• introduction to information systems and their operation (hospital IS, laboratory IS, management IS and other)

• medical records archive

• medical device documentation

• preparation of documents for tenders

• quality management in a health facility

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