Hospital Information Systems

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F7KMSNIS Z,ZK 3 8P+4S Czech
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Jan Bruthans
Jan Bruthans
Jan Bruthans, Anna Horňáková, Anna Kratochvílová
Department of Biomedical Technology

The subject addresses all subsystems of Hospital information systems (HIS) which means information systems of individual health facilities. This information is put in the context of Czech eHealth systems. Not only single components (including examples from practice) are addressed, but also adjacent topics are accented (eHealth systems and its development and perspectives, classification systems, technical standards, security of information systems, basic knowledge of database and intranet systems).


Credit – At least 66% presence on the seminaries and submitting of a research on a chosen HIS topic

Exam – An oral examination (15 minutes preparation + 15 minutes exam), the topics are announced in advance. Evaluation corresponds ECTS classification, at least 50 points (E) is required to pass the exam.

Syllabus of lectures:

Summary of lectures

-Introduction, outline of the lectures, requirements for credit and for exam, literature and study materials

-eHealth definition, basic projects and current state in the Czech Republic

-Electronic prescription in the Czech Republic – local and global systems (eRecept). Advantages and disadvantages.

-Basic components of HIS. Hardware, Software, Medical intranet systems

-HIS as a part of eHealth. Classification systems (ICD) and nomenclatures. Technical standards (HL7, DICOM)

-Security in HIS, risks, security mechanisms. Security of data. Information and security management.

-Architecture of HIS. Definition, stages of HIS development. Architecture of HIS, electronic patient summary

-Clinical information systems (CIS). Characteristics and usage of CIS. Computerized prescription order entry. Information system of operating theaters.

-Laboratory information systems (LIS). Requirements. Basic functions of LIS. Management of quality. Connection between LIS and CIS.

-Radiology information systems (RIS). Order entry intake. Scheduling of examinations. Image description and distribution. Image storage (PACS) and distribution in the Czech Republic (ePACS)

-Other subsystems of HIS. Economic and financial subsystems. Systems for management of health technology. Management information systems (MIS). Ways of using MIS for management of a health facility, adherence to DRG.

-Perspectives of development of information systems in healthcare. Possibility of integration on a local, national and international level. Sharing of health information. Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing of HIS.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

1.HAUX, R. Strategic information management in hospitals: an introduction to hospital information systems. New York: Springer, c2003. Health informatics. ISBN 978-0-387-40356-4.

2.RUDI VAN DE VELDE. Hospital information systems: the next generation. Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1992. S.l.: Springer, 2014. ISBN 9783642776199.

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