HR Management Systems

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G16C2501 Z,ZK 6 2P+2C
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Institute of Management Studies

The course is focused on the development of managerial skills in managing people in the organization. Through lectures and seminars, students will learn effective strategies, policies and practices for efficient people management in the organization and the main tasks of managers in various activities of people management in the organization.



The credit is a condition for the grade. The credit is granted for meeting the specified conditions and tasks at seminars:

1. Active participation at seminars (min. 80% of the time allowance).

2. Writing a semestral work on a selected topic in the range of 1-2 standard pages.

3. Uploading the semestral work to the Moodle application by the set deadline.


The grade is obtained by passing two online tests in the Moodle application: a midterm online test (in week 8) and a final online test (in week 14, or in the exam period), which test knowledge of lectures. The questions of the midterm online test cover the first half of the lectures (lectures 1 to 7). The questions of the final online test cover the second half of the lectures (lectures 9 to 14).

The version of test (midterm or final) includes 25 abcd questions with one correct answer; correct answer: 2 points, incorrect answer: 0 points; limit 30 minutes; it is possible to get 0-50 points. It is possible to obtain 0-100 points from both tests. The final grade is determined according to the following grading scale:

Excellent (A): 90-100

Very good (B): 80–89

Good (C): 70-79

Satisfactory (D): 60–69

Sufficient (E): 50-59

Insufficient (F): 0–49

Syllabus of lectures:

1. COURSE OVERVIEW. The role of the manager in the organization

2. The system of HR management in the organization

3. The practice of people employment

4. Human resource planning

5. Employee recruitment and selection. How to use LinkedIn?

6. Employee orientation

7. Performance management and employee evaluation


9. Employee compensation

10. Employee care

11. Employee motivation

12. Employee training and development

13. Career and talent management

14. The future of human resource management. FINAL TEST (ONLINE DURING THE WEEK)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to personnel management

2. Types of organizational structures

3. Personnel planning

4. Recruitment and selection

5. Orientation process

6. Employee motivation

7. Communication skills - interviews

8. Wages and salaries

9. Negative bahaviour in the workplace

10. Talent management

11. Retantion and turnover of employees

12. Employee training practice

13. Career and succession management

14. Human resource management trends

Study Objective:

After the successful completion of this course, students will be able to explain and apply knowledge related to system of people management in the organization, organization of people management in the organization, human resource planning, employee recruitment, selection and adaptation, performance management, employee training and development, employee compensation, employee care, or employee turnover, retention and redundancies.

Study materials:


Chmielová Dalajková, I.

ŠIKÝŘ, Martin, TOMEŠKOVÁ, Kateřina, CHMIELOVÁ DALAJKOVÁ, Iveta. Systémy řízení lidí v organizaci. Učební text ve formátu PDF. Praha: České vysoké učení technické v Praze, Masarykův ústav vyšších studií, 2022. ISBN 978-80-01-06942-4.


Armstrong, Michael – Taylor, Stephen (2023). Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice. A Guide to the Theory and Practice of People Management. 16th ed. Kogan Page. 760 p. EAN: 9781398606630.

Dessler, Gary – Varkkey, Biju (2023). Human Resource Management. 17th ed. Pearson. 688 p. ISBN-10: 9357054286 · ISBN-13: 978-9357054287.

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