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Department of Dosimetry and Application of Ionizing Radiation

The course works with the essential points of the laws and the implementing legislation concerning the preparation for decommissioning, decommissioning, including legislative requirements for the protection of employees and the environment against radiation and waste management including transport and storage.



Syllabus of lectures:

1.Philosophy of radiation protection, strategic goals, and vision, the structure of the legislative framework and coherence with international institutions EUROATOM, ICRP, IAEA, WHO.

2.Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on Waste and the Amendment of Some Other Acts – rules for storage.

3.Act No. 263/2016 Coll., The Atomic Act - the main points of the law in terms of decommissioning.

4.Decree No. 422/2016 Coll., Decree on radiation protection and security of radionuclide source - categorization of workplaces and workers, limitation principle.

5.Decree No. 377/2016 Coll..,on the requirements for the safe management of radioactive waste and on the decommissioning of nuclear installations or category III or IV workplaces – authorization conditions.

6.Decree No. 360/2016 Coll., on radiation situation monitoring; Decree No. 359/2016 Coll., on details of ensuring radiation extraordinary event management – monitoring procedures, internal emergency plan, radiation extraordinary event.

7.Decree No. 379/2016 Coll., concerning the approval of some products in the field of peaceful use of nuclear energy and ionising radiation and the carriage of radioactive or fissile material – transport, ADR, RID.

8.Decree No. 409/2016 Coll., on activities especially important from nuclear safety and radiation protection viewpoint, special professional qualification and training of persons ensuring radiation protection of the registrant

9.Methodical recommendation DR-FOR-1.0 Security of radionuclide sources and their categorization.

10.Methodological recommendations on personal monitoring during activities leading to irradiation, Part I - External irradiation, Part II. - Ensure internal protection.

11.Other useful methodological recommendations – an overview.

12.Individual work: work: preparation of documentation in accordance with the requirements of legislation on the given topic.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key References:

1.Atomic Act 263/2016 Coll. as amended

2.Council Directive 2013/59/RUROATOM. December 2013

3.ADR 2017: European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, United Nations, 2017

Recommended References:

4.IAEA Safety Standards: Categorization of Radioactive Sources, Safety Guide No. RS-G-1.9., Vienna, 2005

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