Design and manufacture of molds and tools

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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

The subject summarizes the technology of the current design of plastics molds with respect to the latest technological possibilities of their efficient production.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Classification of molds for plastics processing (Tools for pressing, forging and shaping plastics - characteristics and design.). Machinery for their use.

2. Molds for plastic injection - construction, design, design verification using simulation software, normals, heat treatment.

3. Molds for pressing elastomers - construction, design, design verification using simulation software

4. Design of production of mold cavities, used technologies of machining their shapes.

5. Principles of using milling technology in 3D and 5D.

6. Tool management strategy in the production of complex mold cavities with regard to the integrity of the machined surface and its impact on the quality and life of the mold.

7. Tools for milling cavities in used mold materials for plastics. Cutting materials and cutting geometry of milling cutters.

8. EDM technology for creating cavities. Questions of EDM machining and hard machining using superhard cutting materials. Choice of tool electrode material. Technological characteristics of resources for EDM. Used dielectric.

9. CNC control as a decisive factor in productivity and accuracy of EDM methods, EDM countersink programming. CAM systems, types of data transfers for NC program generation.

10. EDM cutting and drilling. Electrode materials and construction.

11. Surface structuring technology

12. Technology of roughing the shapes of mold cavities. Machining corners,

13. Machining technology for pure mold cavity shapes. Rib machining. Technological design of molds.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction.

2. Procedures for 3D machining. Roughing.

3. Completing the strategy.

4. Model import and its modification. Definition of cutting tools and entering their cutting conditions.

5. Finishing using borders and shapes.

6. Procedures for 4D machining. Roughing, finishing.

7. Assessment.

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