Design of Facades

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Department of Construction Engineering I

Trends in contemporary construction (integrated and sustainable building design, digitalization of construction in all phases of the building life cycle, use of BIM information modelling, ...) and the expected development of construction in relation to architectural design. Presentation of construction types and typologies of contemporary buildings in the Czech Republic and abroad. Interaction between urbanism and buildings. Modern trends in the realization of buildings. Architecture of artificial intelligence. Excursions with commentary by the authors to important buildings in Prague.


Passing a test (Moodle) of the material discussed in the lectures with a 60% success rate.

Preparation of a term paper in the required content / scope, including its presentation.

Syllabus of lectures:

- Introduction to the course, Integrated Design (term paper assignment)

- Reinforced Concrete Structures

- Steel Structures (term paper topic proposal)

- Timber structures (agreement on the topic of the term paper)

- High-rise buildings

- Stadiums

- Sustainable construction

- Technical Urbanism

- Application of rapid prototyping - additive manufacturing

- Glass as a construction material

- Artificial intelligence architecture

- Robotic building systems

- Test, Presentation of term paper / discussion

- Guided tour of a contemporary building

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Orientation in the design principles of progressive load-bearing structures and building typologies. Deepening of knowledge in architectural and structural design. Familiarisation with current trends in building design and their future development.

Study materials:


Lectures (PDF and STREAM)


Statsenko, L., Samaraweera, A., Bakshi, J., Chileshe, N.(2023). Construction 4.0 technologies and applications: a systematic literature review of trends and potential areas for development. ISSN 1471-4175

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Bott, H.,Grassl, G., Anders, S. (2019). Sustainable Urban Planning. Vibrant Neighbourhoods – Smart Cities – Resilience. ISBN: 9783955534622

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