Contamination and Methods of Decontamination 2

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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The course is focused on the fundamental principles of contamination and decontamination from the preplanning and operational consideration till the future trends in this field. Part of the lectures is aimed at radioactive contamination with the emphasis corrosion products. Various methods of decontamination (mechanical, chemical, electrochemical, etc.) as well as decontamination of metal constructions, facilities, building surfaces, soils or persons are discussed in details. Attention is paid to the differences between decontamination during operation and decontamination during decommissioning. Basic health and safety requirements and economic aspects of different processes of decontamination are also discussed. Emerging techniques and future trends are briefly mentioned.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Methods of decontamination - introduction

2. Mechanical decontamination techniques

3. Chemical decontamination techniques

4. Electrochemical decontamination techniques

5. Other techniques

6. Decontamination of metals

7. Decontamination of building surfaces

8. Decontamination of soils

9. Factors affecting selection of decontamination processes and technology

10. Decontamination of persons

11. Operational decontamination vs. decontamination during decommissioning

12. Economic analysis of decontamination: planning of decontamination, cost-benefit analysis

13. Emerging techniques and future trends

Syllabus of tutorials:
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Study materials:

Key References:

1. A. L. Taboas: Decommissioning Handbook, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, U. S., 2004

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3. E. Feltcorn: Technology Reference Guide for Radiologically Contaminated Surfaces, EPA-402-R06-003, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2006

Recommended References:

4. New Methods and Techniques for Decontamination in Maintence or Decommissioning Operations, TECDOC 1022, IAEA, Vídeň, 1998, ISSN 1011-4289

5. Decontamination of Water Cooled Reactors, TECDOC 365, IAEA, Vídeň, 1994,. ISBN 92-0-101394-9

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