Marketing Innovations

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Institute of Management Studies

The primary role of innovation in marketing is to gain new customers, improve goodwill, increase sales and profitability of the company. At the beginning of the innovation process, innovative marketing should help identify new market opportunities and risks and improve the research of customer needs. During developing a new product, innovation marketing is to ensure the constant involvement of customers and users in this process. And at the end of the innovation process, innovation marketing ensures the successful introduction of a new product, technology, and service to the target audience. Innovation marketing should therefore be present at all stages of the innovation process to ensure that customer and market orientation is in line with advances in products and technologies, which often lead to the application of new marketing approaches. We address these main aspects in this subject.


Active participation in lectures and seminars


Exercise activities: max. 10 points

Seminar work: max. 30 points

Exam: max. 60 points

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Essence, importance, and main content of Innovation management in context of Marketing

2. Primary sources and impact factors on marketing innovation in time of pandemic

3. What are key forms of marketing innovation?

4. Ethics and marketing innovation

5. Selection of suitable stakeholders for marketing innovation

6. How to analyze market and own business to design marketing innovation

7. What is Marketing innovation mapping?

8. Planning of marketing innovation - Part 1.

9. Planning of marketing innovation - Part 2.

10. Linking business strategy to marketing innovation

11. Intellectual Property Rights and marketing innovation

12. How to use Industry 4.0 trends in Marketing

13. Marketing innovation in time of pandemic

14. The first term of the exam

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

After completing the course, the student should answer the following framework topics: Define the nature, importance, and basic functions of innovation management with a focus on business marketing. Explain the relationships of innovation management to business marketing. Characterize marketing plans, processes and tools, and related innovation processes in the company. Explain the process of creating a marketing strategy and links to the company's innovation program. Clarify the importance of joint planning and implementation of marketing innovations in the company. Etc.

Study materials:

Study materials of lectures and exercises

Recommended study materials:

DOYLE, P. [2017]: Innovation in Marketing, Routledge, ISBN: 978-1138441071.

WRIGHT, L. T. - MOUTINHO, L. - STONE, M. - BAGOZZI, R. P. [2021]: The Routledge Companion to Marketing Research, Routledge, ASIN: ‎ B0932J6FW8.

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JEMALA, M. [2014]: Technology identification: How to bring technology innovation to life? Scholars' Press: Saarbrücken, ISBN: 978-3-639-71044-1.

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