Project - Water Management Buildings in the Towns and Landscape

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143PSOK KZ 5 4C Czech
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Garant předmětu:
Adam Vokurka
Filip Horký, Petr Koudelka, Karel Kříž, Bronislava Rohanová, Adam Vokurka
Department of Landscape Water Conservation

The subject is the implementation of a simplified project of water management structures in smaller municipalities and the surrounding countryside. This includes health engineering, flood and erosion protection, water source protection, small water reservoirs, irrigation, drainage and complex measures of revitalisation and protection of the catchment area.


basic knowledge of hydraulics and watercourse treatment,

knowledge of the characteristics of materials for fortification and watercourse treatment

Syllabus of lectures:

During the project, the design documentation of the torrent control (barrier object) in the real profile will be prepared on the basis of real data. The project documentation will be prepared in accordance with Decree 499/2004

Syllabus of tutorials:

First part: gradual development of the project in subsequent steps:

- preparation of geodetic documents,

- preparation of transverse profiles and longitudinal slope

- design of the retention facility

- hydraulic assessment

- completion of drawings

- elaboration of the text part

In the second part, an individual project of water supply pipes and separate sewerage system pipes for a given site will be created (according to regulation No. 499/2006 Sb.).

Study Objective:

Elaboration of project documentation for watercourse modifications - forestly torrent control linking theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.

The main goal is to familiarize students with the basics of designing objects in the fields of water supply and urban drainage.

Study materials:

The study basis in this case is research data of the subject area, municipal plans, ÚSES, map documents including historical maps, DPZ data and archival orthophotomaps, field survey data, geodata of the subject area (elevation, semi-elevation, land use and land cover, soil maps), hydrological and hydrogeological data for the design of the construction.

Data and documents provided within the courses, legislative and technical standards, catalouges

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