Solving Real World Problems

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Institute of Management Studies

The aim of the course is to apply knowledge from the field of economics and management acquired during the study to solve real problems from economic practice. According to the client's assignment, students solve the problem with the support of teachers who become their mentors.


The topics of the project must be based on the issues of economics and business (management, marketing, business economics, business finance, logistics, project management).

The course is completed by an exam.

The task of the exam is to prepare a study of the solution of a selected problem in the field of economics and management and its defence before the subject teacher and the client within the set deadline.

To complete the course, it is necessary to obtain at least 50% of the total maximum of 100 points.

Syllabus of lectures:

Assignment and concretization of the project topic.

Group consultation - methods, procedures, information sources.

Search for necessary resources.

Setting goals and main activities of the project.

Processing schedule, definition of milestones and subtasks.

Processing of individual parts of the project.

Individual and group consultations.

Project finalization and presentation preparation.

Presentation of the final version of the project and subsequent professional discussion.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

To teach students to create a business project, present outputs and defend a solution.

Practice the application of completed courses in practice-oriented activities - creating a project aimed at solving problems in the field of economics and management.

Explain the interdisciplinary approach in solving a selected practical task.

Study materials:

Doležal, Jan. Projektový management: Komplexně, prakticky a podle světových standardů. Praha, 2016. ISBN 978-80-247-5620-2.

Meredith, Jack R.; Mantel, Samuel J. Project management: a managerial approach. 7th ed. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2009. ISBN 978-0-470-22621-6.

Svozilová, Alena. Projektový management. Praha : Grada, 2006. ISBN 80-247-1501-5.

Nicholas, John M.; Steyn, Herman. Project management for engineering, business and technology. 4th ed. London: Routledge, 2012. ISBN 978-0-08-096704-2.

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