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Department of Physics

The course is focused on physical processes associated with blood flow and blood gas exchange, including description of events on biological membranes. Further, the possibilities of measuring advanced hemodynamic parameters of the bloodstream are discussed. A large space is devoted to the problems of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

In the second part of the semester students are acquainted with the properties of human tissue and body fluids, including methods of their measurement. This knowledge is complemented by the basics of optics and acoustics, always in relation to biological systems.

Part of the course are laboratory exercises in a modern laboratory, which suitably complement the theoretical knowledge of students from lectures.


Submission of all protocols from laboratory exercises.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Hemodynamics I - Properties of ideal fluids, Properties and composition of blood, Blood flow and distribution, Properties of heart and blood vessels

2. Hemodynamics II - Blood pressure measurement, Description and examples of validation of automatic electronic tonometers, New methods of blood pressure measurement

3. Hemodynamics IV - Extracorporeal circulation and heart replacements

4. Gas exchange - respiratory physiology, basic physical laws

5. Hemodialysis - Proceses on membrane, Kidney function

6. Peritoneal dialysis

7. Properties of tissue and its interaction with technical means - Electromagnetic spectrum, Basic properties of tissue, Influence of electromagnetic field on human tissue

8. Measurement of temperature in health service - Basic units and definitions, Measurement by classical liquid thermometers, Measurement of IR thermometers - practical examples, radiation of black body, Measurement of temperature by digital thermometers

9. Ionizing radiation - Detectors of ionizing radiation, Dosimetry

10. Optics - Human sight

11. Plasma medicine

12. Acoustics - Sound meters: principle of function and their validation, Basic definitions, Sound pressure meters, Audiometry, Otoacoustic emissions, Cochlear neuroprostheses

13. Excursion to professional workplace

14. Reserve

Syllabus of tutorials:


1. Physical units in medicine, measurement uncertainty

2. Blood pressure measurement 1 - demonstration of auscultatory and oscillometric methods, methods of validation of automatic electronic tonometers, Ultrasonic blood flowmeter - determination of blood pressure

3. Blood pressure measurement 2

4. Monitor vital signs - measurement of basic vital signs on a simulator of physiological quantities. Automatic defibrillator.

5. Peristaltic pump - calibration of peristaltic pump

6. Breathing - performance of rest and exercise measurements, evaluation of performed measurements, measurement of oxygen concentration in exhaled air, performance of rest and exercise measurements, validation of pulse oximeters on tester of pulse oximeters

7. The first written work

8. Excursion to the workplace Cardiovascular mechanics FS, CTU

9. Study of plasma effects

10. HF electrocauter - principle of operation, power measurement, recording of HF signal during cut and coagulation

11. Acoustics - measurement of volume level in various modes of sound level meter, calibration of sound level meter

12. Dielectric heating - standing waves, regulation of magnetron power, efficiency of water heating in microwave oven.

13. Flow measurement on infusion pump

14. Second written work

Study Objective:

Understanding physical laws concerning physiological processes in the human body and their application in solving practical biophysical problems.

Study materials:

1. Vander A. J. and col.: Human Physiology, McGraw-Hill Company, Sydney, 1986

2. Bentley J. P.: Principles of Measurement Systems, Logman Scientific and Technical, London 1993

3. Webster, J. G.: Medical instrumentation: Application and design, 3rd edition, Wiley 1997

4. Trojan S.: Lékařská fyziologie, GRADA Avicenum, Praha 2003

5. Hrazdíra I., Mornstein V.: Lékařská biofyzika a přístrojová technika, Neptun Brno,2004

6. Rosina J., Kolářová H., Stanek J.: Biofyzika pro studenty zdravotnických oborů, GRADA Avicenum, Praha 2006

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https://moodle.fel.cvut.cz/course/view.php?id=4655 http://aldebaran.feld.cvut.cz/vyuka/biofyzika/
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