System management of Healthcare Organisation

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Department of Biomedical Technology

The course introduces students to the problematic of health care system, understanding of basic approaches of investigation of health care systems as a dynamic system. The course schedule includes a specific analysis of individual elements of the health care system and study of possible solutions in the health system, their assumptions and implications. Students will get information about the types of institutional and legal status of health systems in the world and more specific about the functioning of the Czech health care system.


The tuition is performed in the form of self-study with regular consultations. In addition to the examination, students are required to submit a written study on assigned topic.

Syllabus of lectures:

1?2) Healthcare as a system, health care, health, health policy, regulatory mechanisms. Economic nature of health services I. Characteristics of goods produced by healthcare, structure and characteristics of the healthcare market. The specificities of healthcare markets by Arrow.

3?4) Economic nature of health services. Types of health systems, basic types of health systems, strengths and weaknesses of individual types of systems. Public health insurance system, Healthcare facilities, financing of health care, resources, financial flows, forms of payments.

5?6) Healthcare, health care costs. Management accounting system, financial analysis - value and ratios, creditworthy and bankruptcy models, Du-Pont. Investment activity of the healthcare facility organization, Total Cost of Ownership, Controlling and Internal Audit in Healthcare Facilities.

7?8) HTA, basic focus, use of HTA for strategic decision-making in hospitals. Evidence Based Medicine, Outcomes, Multi-Criteria, QALY, DALY, LYG. Cost analyzes: CMA, CEA, CUA, ICER, CBA, CIA, CCA. Economics theoretical foundations cost analyzes. Modeling in HTA. Sensitivity analyzes. Core model. Model NICE. HTA for medical devices. Appropriate analyzes, evaluation process. HB-HTA: Use of HTA at hospital level.

9?10) Management in healthcare facilities, planning, breakdown of plans. Human resources management, classification and structure of decision-making processes. Types of organizational structures, specifics of organization management in health care. Management and leadership in healthcare facilities, change management and transformation management. Change management process, types of change. Crisis Management and Crisis Communication.

11?12) Quantitative Methods for Managerial Decision Making, Modeling, elements of decision models. Distribution models. Network analysis (CPM, PERT, resources, costs) and its use for project management. Decision-making tasks, rationality in decision-making. Decision-making for risks and uncertainties, identification of risk factors around the decision-making role, security equivalent, decision-makers' attitude towards risk.

13?14) Basic concepts and principles of system modeling in general. Theoretical and application analysis of the properties of models representing different medical, biochemical, epidemiological, ecological and biological systems. Models of single and two-fold populations. Epidemiological models. Pharmacokinetic models. Economic Models and Models in Health Technology Assessment

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Komplex look on Holistic principle of management in Healthcare Organisation

Study materials:


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