Landscape Heritage

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127LAHE ZK 4 3C English
Garant předmětu:
Jan Hendrych, Jiří Kupka
Jan Hendrych, Pavel Holubec, Jiří Kugl, Jiří Kupka
Jan Hendrych, Pavel Holubec, Jiří Kugl, Jiří Kupka
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

Cultural, historical, natural, and ecological processes traditionally shape the human environment, our shared cultural landscape heritage. The course will reveal intrinsic values, functions, and character, and the appropriate conservation techniques and strategies for urban landscape heritage protection.


Active participation in lectures and excursions.

Syllabus of lectures:

Seminars and especially the relevant field excursions will take three hours weekly, (the presence of students is also a part of the final evaluation). Students will independently work on their own chosen subject of study in the form of a thematic essay that will be consulted during and submitted at the end of the semester.

Thematic areas of seminars and excursions:

1. Urban landscapes

2. Landscape urbanism, Urban park systems

3. Brownfields, rehabilitation, revitalization

4. Post-industrial landscapes, Mining, and quarrying, Re-naturalization, Natural processes

5. Landscape memory, Landscape as a palimpsest, Landscape narrative

6. Landscape character, assessment, care, and protection

7. Natural and rural landscapes, Natural forces

8. Historic cultural landscapes, Landscape cultivation, Landscape archaeology

9. Landscape aesthetics, Perception of landscape structures and spaces

Syllabus of tutorials:

Independent practical research and critical study paper (essay) preparation differ from student to student, but generally, it could involve another two to three hours weekly.

Thematic areas of excursions, a selection from localities:

The White Mountain plain and The Royal Game Preserve.

Former brickwork and restored homestead Kotlářka.

Hanspaulka, Šárka valley, Baba colony.

Geology, Biogeography, Hydrology, Landscape character, and Cultural and historical aspects.

Dejvice, Střešovice, Ořechovka - Urban structures and their transformations.

The system of green spaces and public greenery, Tree lines and avenues, and Structured systems of linear vegetation.

Brownfield regeneration sites in Prague to be visited individually:

Žižkov freight station, Karlin Barracks - example of temporary use, exhibition, summer cinema, café, gallery

Pragovka - example of temporary use (already well-developed and about the most considerable area known), cafes, shows

Corso Karlín - former boiler room, today a noble administrative building from Bofill

Machine House - former power station, today offices, studios, accessible courtyard

Forum Karlín - former CKD Dukla, an administrative and cultural center today, the courtyard and the café accessible, the hall would be possible on agreement

DOX Gallery - former machine factory, a successful gallery today

Study Objective:

Ability to understand - read cultural landscapes within the urban framework and to evaluate their character, cultural, historical, and aesthetic quality, and importance in the current time.

Study materials:

Norberg-Schulz, Christian, Genius loci. Rizzoli, 1991.

Free PDF: genius-loci-towards-a-phenomenology-of-architecture-d86177309.html

Goodchild Peter: Landscape Heritage, Biosphere Change, Climate Change, and Conservation. Heritage at Risk 2006/2007.

Council of Europe, The European Landscape Convention.

Florence, 20 October 2000.



Newton, T. Norman. Design on the Land. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1972.

Jellicoe, Geofrey, Susan. Landscape of Man, shaping the Environment from Prehistory to the Present Day. Thames and Hudson, London, 1975.

Schama, Simon. Landscape and Memory. Random House, New York, 1996.

Jan Gehl: Cities for People.

Philipp Oswalt, Klause Overmeyer a Philipp Misselwitz: Urban Catalyst.

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