Analysis and Processing of Diagnostic Signals

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Department of Mathematics

Digital signal processing, signal transformations and filtrations, spectral and time-frequency analysis

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Systems and signals continuous and discrete in time. Time and amplitude discretization. Sampling theorem.

2.Description and properties of systems; linearity, stability, causality, time invariance.

3.Programming in MATLAB with Signal and Wavelet Toolboxes.

4.Harmonic signals, delta distribution. Convolution and correlation.

5.Laplace and Fourier transform. Transfer function, impulse and system response.

6.Hilbert transform, analytical signals. Z-transform and digital filtering, FIR and IIR filters.

7.Signal envelope and parameterization. Time-reversal techniques. Nonlinear methods.

8.Stochastic signal processing, statistical parameters, noise analysis.

9.Signal arrival detection, localization and recognition of sources.

10.Time-frequency analysis, Fourier window and wavelet transform.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Acquired knowledge:

systém analysis and modern techniques of analog and digital signal processing used in physics, measurement, information, and related fields. Description of systems and signals in diverse reprezentations based on integral transforms and their discrete equivalents. Frequency analysis, parameterization, filtration, and transfer of signals. Working with MATLAB Signal and Wavelet Toolbox.

Acquired skills:

Methods and algorithms of digital data processing and analysis.

Study materials:

Compulsory literature:

[1] Davídek V., Sovka P.: Číslicové zpracování signálů a implementace. (FEL ČVUT, Praha 1999),

[2] Smith S.W.: The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing. (California Tech. Publishing,

San Diego 1999; www.DSPguide.com)

[3] McClellan J., Burrus C.S., Oppenheim A.V, et al: Computer based Excersises for Signal Processing using

MATLAB (Prentice-Hall, MathWorks, 1998)

Optional literature:

[4] Porat B.: A Course in Digital Signal Processing. (MATLAB based books, J.Wiley& Sons, Inc., 1997;


[5] Hrdina Z., Vejražka F.: Signály a soustavy. (FEL ČVUT, Praha 2001)

[6] Vích R., Smékal Z. : Číslicové filtry. (ACADEMIA, Praha, 2000)

[7] Oppenheim A.V., Schaffer R.W.: Discrete Time Signal Processing. (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New


[8] Mertins A.: Signal Analysis - Wavelets, Filter Banks, Time-Frequency Transforms. (John Wiley & Sons,

Chichester, N.Y.,1999)

[9] http://ocw.mit.edu/6-003F11

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