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Department of Biomedical Technology

The study subject links to Anatomy and Physiology II and is dedicated to excitable tissues (muscles and neural system) in the terms of signal generation, measuring possibilities and exploitation of changes in electrical parameters. Signal generation is explained at cellular and molecular levels, different software simulations are employed. From the methodological point of view, measurements of electrical parameters are described at all levels - cells, tissues, organs. Exploitation of electrical parameters of cells, tissues and organs is treated from both clinical and experimental points. Methods to use electrical field or stimulation for medical purposes are described. Besides lectures, practical classes focused on independent study of students are incorporated into the syllabus.


Credit: attendance at classes and protocols from classes

Exam: written test, multiple-choice, number of questions 36, classification according to directions

Syllabus of lectures:

1. General neurophysiology - introduction, history, membrane of excitable tissues. action and resting membrane potential, nerve and synapse.

2.Heart and ECG - history, signal generation, typical ECG curve, clinical use.

3.Brain and EEG - history, signal generation, brain wave rhythms, clinical use, sleep/wake cycle.

4.Other use of electrophysiology in research and clinical practise - pain and epilepsy diagnosis and treatment, patch-clamp, voltage-clamp, single unit recording, evoked potentials.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction to electrophysiology.

2. ECG - ECG recording and evaluation. Experiments: Analyzing the heart with EKG.

3. EEG - EEG recording and evaluation.

4.Cardiostimulators and basics in clinical pathophysiology of heart - pathological ECG, disorders of heart conductive system, indication of cardiostimulation and defibrilation.

5. EMG - EMG recording and evaluation. Experiments: Introduction to EMG; EMG and Muscle Fatigue.

Study Objective:

To inroduce a theory of origin of electrical phenomena in cells, possibilities of measurement and utilization of these phenomena in gifferent structural levels. Influence of electrical stimulation and prartical exhibition of measurement of ECG and EEG.

Study materials:

[1] Ambler Z.: Základy neurologie, Galén, Karolinum, 2006

[2] Ambler Z., Bednarík J., Ruzicka E. et al.: Klinická neurologie, Triton, 2008

[3] Ganong W.: Prehled lékarské fyziologie, 2008

[4] Hovorka J., Nezádal T. et al.: Klinická enecefalografie, Maxdorf , 2003

[5] Silbernagel, S., Depopulos, A.Q.: Atlas fyziologie cloveka, Grada 2003

[6] Rozman et al.: Elektronické prístroje v lékarství, Academia, Praha 2006

[7]Literatura doporucená

[8]. Pieck J et al.: Grundlagen neurochirurgischer Intensivmedizin, Zuckschwerdt Verlag, 1999

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