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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

The course presents three basic competencies profiling the institute - machining, technological design, metrology and quality management systems. The course is realized in the form of seminars, laboratory exercises and excursions to industrial partners.

In this way, students will get acquainted with the activities of the machining group in the areas of CNC machine programming, complex CAD / CAM systems, machining tools, conventional but also unconventional machining methods and additive technologies.

In the field of technological design, students will be introduced to the principles and methodology for designing production processes and systems using modern methods of production preparation (Lean Production, Just In Time, Make or Buy) and advanced software for production preparation and planning. In the field of technological design with the issue of designing production processes and complex production systems.

Within metrology and quality management systems, students will then be introduced to modern product quality control technologies in the field of coordinate measurement? dimensional and geometric tolerances, surface texture.

In the form of professional excursions to industrial companies, students are demonstrated the practical role of the above competencies in the product life cycle? marketing, construction, technical preparation of production, engineering production and quality control.

The course will be scheduled in 4-hour blocks, once every 14 days due to higher efficiency of teaching within individual teaching blocks and excursions.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

- Introductory seminar, organization of teaching, conditions for granting credit, focus on studying at the Department of Machining Technology, Design and Metrology, the possibility of involving students in project solutions and the application of graduates in practice.

- Machining Programming of CNC machines; CNC machines and their programming, complex CAD / CAM systems, additive technologies.

- Technological design? modeling and simulation of the assembly process in SW Tecnomatix Jack, modeling and simulation of the production system in SW Tecnomatix Plant Simulation - production processes and production systems.

- Metrology - coordinate measurement, surface profile measurement and comprehensive evaluation of surface layer quality.

- Seminars and excursions at industrial partners, supplier of production technologies, industrial enterprise.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Boothroyd, G., Knight, W. A. Fundamentals of Machining and Machine Tools. Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York and Basel, 1989

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