Industrial Metrology

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E341702 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C English
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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

Theoretical introduction to measurement on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Students will acquainted familiar with the construction and sensors of CMM. They will gain important knowledge of computer tomography and reverse engineering. We introduce them to the CMM application in industry. This is related to method of MSA, including the determination of measurement uncertainty.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to 3D measurement.

2. Design of the CMM Cartesian coordinate system arranged.

3. Design of the CMM Non-cartesian coordinate system arranged.

4. CMM Sensors.

5. CT scans.

6. Reverse engineering.

7. Application of CMM in the industry with a touch sensor systém.

8. Application of CMM in the industry with an optical sensor systém.

9. Acceptance and reverification tests.

10. MSA.

11. Uncertainty of measurement.

12. Measurement of gear.

13. Optical systems for evaluation of surface profile.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Geometrical Product Specifications.

2. Introduction to metrology software.

3. Configuring the CMM, probing system and the individual sensors.

4. Preparation of measurement plan.

5. Part Alignment.

6. Definition of basic geometric elements and measured characteristics.

7. Strategies of measurement for individual elements.

8. Advanced measurement parameters depending on the requirements of measurement.

9. Simulation of measurement on CMM.

10. Protocol, graphical representation of measured characteristics of the CAD model.

11. Data Processing - capability evaluation of process Cp, Cpk and gauge Cg, Cgk.

12. Measurement System Analysis - GR & R method.

13. Measurement System Analysis - Evaluation.

Study Objective:

Extend the knowledges in the wide area of the metrology.

Study materials:

- Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality (ISTE) by French College of Metrology

- Coordinate Metrology and CAx - Application in Industrial Production, Basics, Interfaces and Integration by Tilo Pfeifer, Dietrich Imkamp and Robert Schmitt

- Coordinate Measuring Machines and Systems (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing) by John A. Bosch (Hardcover - Apr 10, 1995)

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