Meetings and Negotiations in English

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G04E0202 Z,ZK 6 0P+4C English
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Institute of Language Studies

English for Meetings and Negotiations is part of a series of courses for follow-up students focused on functional language. The course is intended for students at the upper intermediate level.

The course focuses on a collaborative model of the English language intended for a range of business or business meetings and negotiations. Although the course is not primarily focused on confrontational negotiation and communication strategies, part of the explanation is devoted to strategies and language for preventing and coping with confrontational situations.

The course is based on the modern, increasingly widespread model of „International English“, ie international English understood as lingua franca. Listening materials work with recordings of native speakers of all English styles and focus on collocations and idiomatics of American and British English.


Case studies and practical exercises (in class participation 30 points)

Revision and written Homework (20 points)

Written Test based on the covered topics (30 points) + Oral exam (20 points)

Total max 100 points.

If it is necessary to complete the course online, the course will be completed by submitting the developed materials through a suitable LMS platform (eg Moodle) and an oral exam, which will take place online.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

Unit 1: Start Quiz, Opening and Managing Meetings

Unit 2: Agreeing, Disagreeing and Interrupting

Unit 3: Supporting your position

Unit 4: Clarifying and Summarizing What Was Said

Unit 5: Action Points, Follow-Up and Closing

Unit 6: Discussing a Problem and Brainstorming

Unit 7: Negotiation Strategy

Unit 8: Relationships and Starting Negotiations

Unit 9: Clarifying and Evaluating

Unit 10: Bargaining and Overcoming Issues

Unit 11: Declining while maintaining goodwill

Unit 12: Closing the deal

Study Objective:

1) Get acquainted with the basic phrases and procedures of meetings and negotiations

2) Improve the ability to recognize and formulate arguments and opinions

3) Get acquainted with the phrases of negotiation and their sequence

4) Practice listening and communication skills in the field

Study materials:

Wallwork Adrian: Meetingss, Negotiations, and Socializing. A Guide to Professional English. Springer, 2014. ISBN 978-1-4939-0631-4. ISBN 978-1-4939-0632-1 (e-Book).

Sweeney Simon: English for Business Communication. Student’s Book. Cambridge University Press. 2003. ISBN 0 521 75449 6 Student’s Book

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