Project Management

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Institute of Management Studies

The aim of this subject is to give students theoretical overview and basic practical experience in the field of project management. Students gain basic and actual know how for practicing project management in practice, mainly as members of project teams or project managers' assistants for smaller projects.


Activity on exercises,

Ongoing and regular home works,

Activity in discussions during the exercises,

Solving a group assignment and presentation of the results, eventually additional individual assignments and tasks.

Syllabus of lectures:

. Basic overview and definition of project management, terminology, basic standards of project management.

. Introduction into PRINCE2 process model.

. PRINCE2 principles and topics, focus on the product, phases, adaptation to the project environment.

. Initial project definition - Outline Business Case

. Organization, roles, responsibilities, and competencies in project.

. Quality management approaches.

. Project planning, approach to time management.

. Approach to risk management.

. Approach to cost management.

. Approach to change management.

. Introduction into project initiation and starting the project.

. Introduction into project realization and monitoring, control processes.

. Project evaluation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Topics for the group work assignment will be chosen at the first exercise, division into groups (project teams).

Study Objective:

See Synopsis

Study materials:


Svozilová A., Projektový management, Praha: Grada, 2011, ISBN 978-80-247-3611-2.

and PRINCE2 methodology upon agreement at exercises

Recommended sources:

An Introduction to PRINCE2: Managing and Directing Successful Projects 2009 Edition PDF,

TSO, 2009, ISBN 978-80-1133-1188-0. For more information see: http://www.tsoshop.co.uk/bookstore.asp?FO=1162573&Action=Book&ProductID=9780113310593&ClickID=002259

Bentley C. Základy metody projektového řízení, Inbox SK, 2013, ISBN: 978-0-9576076-2-0.

Máchal P., Kopečková M., Presová R. Světové standardy projektového řízení, Praha: Grada, 2015, ISBN 978-80-247-5321-8.

Doležal J., Máchal P., Lacko B. a kol. Projektový management podle IPMA - 2., aktualizované a doplněné vydání, Praha: Grada, 2012, ISBN 978-80-247-4275-5.

Rosenau M. D. Řízení projektů, Computer Press, 2000, ISBN 80-7226-218-1.

Hačkajlová L., Prostějovská Z., Tománková J. Projektový management, Vysoká škola ekonomie a managementu, 2013, ISBN 978-80-87839-00-3.

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