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136S03K Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
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Department of Road Structures

Introduction to urban engineering, solutions in built-up areas - reconstruction. Parking - solution methods, technical parameters and requirements, garages. Bus stations and bus stops. Public mass transport and its preferences. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Traffic signs. Adaptations for the blind and partially sighted, barrier-free adaptations. Utilities.


Submitting the project within the prescribed deadline and scope.

Mandatory participation in training, maximum 2 excused absences.

Continuous correction of work and control during the course.

The above requirements are necessary but not sufficient conditions for successful completion of the course

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to urban engineering, sample examples and projects, solutions in built-up areas - reconstruction.

2. Parking - introduction, statistics, solutions in our country + abroad, technical parameters and requirements, surveys.

3. Parking - individual, row and collective garages, automatic parking systems

4. Bus station, bus stops - design, dimensions, sample examples, drainage solutions.

5. Urban public transport - types, design, solution options, public transport preferences.

6. Pedestrian traffic, safety and quality requirements, pedestrian crossings, crossing points, residential zones, zones 30

7. Bicycle transport - design, trends, bicycle sharing system, examples of bicycle transport solutions in the Czech Republic and abroad

8. Traffic signs - vertical and horizontal, differences for the city, TP vs. reality

9. Traffic lights - intersections and separate crossings - design and assessment

10. Modifications for people with limited mobility and orientation - proposal, examples of correct and incorrect solutions.

11. Engineering networks, lighting - examples of types of engineering networks, how they are marked in drawings and how they should be designed.

12. Examples of projects from practice, discussion with students about individual solutions.

13. exam, reserve for dropping out

Syllabus of tutorials:

A part of the city near the railway station is proposed with a focus on:

- width arrangement of the street profile - categorization of urban roads

- public transport stops – specified route, where the public transport will go in the pre-station

- TAXI and K+R parking in front of the station entrance

- parking in the entire locality – specified numbers of residential and non-residential units for selected buildings and ensuring parking spaces for them within walking distance

- traffic signs in the entire front station

- design of the bus station – layout solution,

- adaptation solutions for people with limited mobility and orientation

Study Objective:

Expanding knowledge from the field of urban engineering, clarifying the methodologies used in czech technical standards.

Study materials:

Syllabus of individual lectures - a study aid handed over electronically (in the latest valid version) to students.

ČSN 73 6110 – Projektování místních komunikací (01/2006), včetně Změny č. 1 (02/2010)

ČSN 73 6056 – Odstavné a parkovací plochy silničních vozidel (03/2011)

ČSN 73 6425-1 - Autobusové, trolejbusové a tramvajové zastávky, přestupní uzly a stanoviště - Část 1: Navrhování zastávek (05/2007)

ČSN 73 6425-2 - Autobusové, trolejbusové a tramvajové zastávky, přestupní uzly a stanoviště - Část 2: Přestupní uzly a stanoviště (09/2009)

Technical standards - www.pjpk.cz

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