CAD systems and AutoCAD

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142XCSA Z 1 2C Czech
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Martin Horský
Martin Horský, Martin Králík
Martin Horský, Martin Králík
Department of Hydraulic Structures

The aim of the course is a basic overview of CAD systems for the construction industry and teaching 2D drawing techniques in AutoCAD. During the introduction, the students will learn the basic principles of each CAD system. They will also learn in detail about the program and drawing in AutoCAD. This includes in particular the following parts related to 2D drawing: coordinate systems, data formats, display and scaling, entering commands and values, drawing basic and more advanced entities, editing, working with levels and properties of entities, working with blocks, dimensioning, hatching, labeling, working with rasters including fitting to coordinates, preparing layouts for prints, customizing the program environment. The course mainly aims to acquire basic 2D drawing techniques and the use of AutoCAD, not to teach the creation of technical documentation.


They are not, apart from basic computer operation and orientation in 2D space and basic knowledge of project documentation.

Syllabus of lectures:

The course has no lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

- Basics of working with AutoCAD - program layout, saving drawings, coordinate systems, display modes, entering commands, entering values and coordinates, modes of entering them - working with mouse, keyboard.

- Working with levels, object properties, line types. Practice input modes such as raster, orthogonal, polar, tracing, snapping modes. Fundamentals of drawing and editing basic entities.

- Advanced drawing and editing such as shift, rotate, mirror, equidistant, break, scale, crop, extend, bevel, round.

- Measurement of distances and areas. Working with blocks, layout functions. Drawing and editing more advanced entities such as construction line, multiline, curve, ellipse, spline, etc.., inserting raster images.

- Basics of hatching, annotation and text insertion. Quotation styles, customizing quotes, text styles.

- Preparing drawings for printing. Layout settings, print scales, views.

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Study Objective:

The aim is to master the technique of drawing technical drawings in AutoCAD, especially in the area of 2D drawing and related tools.

Study materials:

Any AutoCAD drawing textbook, preferably in one of the latest versions of the program.

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