Basic Urban Planning

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127XZUR Z 2 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jiří Kupka
Zuzana Boušková, Jiří Kupka, Tereza Švárová
Zuzana Boušková, Jiří Kupka, Tereza Švárová
Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

The course is an introduction to various problems of contemporary urbanism and spatial planning. Its content is modified according to the fields of study of the students who enroll in the optional course, ranging from preparation for state undergraduate examination questions, to systematic interpretation of basic urban issues, to probes into selected problems of contemporary urbanism. The course is complemented by elements of experiential pedagogy (walks, urban games) deepening and illuminating the issues of urban planning.


This elective is recommended for all majors and has no prerequisites. It is completed with credit awarded for attendance (70%) and sufficient class activity.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Introduction to the subject, urbanism and urban composition (basic concepts, content)

2) Perception of urban space - mental maps, orientation and its meaning, perceptual

deviation, deprivation, oversaturation, Kevin Lynch's image of the city

3) walk (no lecture)

4) walk (no lecture)

5) The city as an image of the human world, the search for the ideal city - utopia and its meaning for

urbanism, new urban projects of the 20th century

6) interactive game (no lecture)

7) Adaptation of settlements to climate change

8) Urban problems of today - brownfields, suburbanization, socially excluded


9) Main compositional principles (proportion, scale, rhythm, gradation, symmetry, asymmetry)

10) Natural attributes of the urban landscape - the importance of the landscape for the creation and development of the city, terrain, green water

11) - 12) reserve according to specific requirements and current topics

Syllabus of tutorials:

1) Evaluation of the quality of public spaces, consensus seeking and subsequent discussion

2) Short walk

3) Walk around Dejvice (especially the area near the faculty, NTK, adjacent streets) - search for elements

image of the city according to Lynch, after returning to school mental map of Dejvice

4) Walk around Dejvice (towards Vítězné náměstí) - typology of urban spaces

(square, street, arcade, vestibule, loubí + embankment) - interpretation on the spot, discussion on the quality

the quality of the selected spaces visited

5) The theory of the city of short distances (modern trends in urban planning - pedestrian zones, accessibility, sufficient clarity)

6) The game We have a plan (spatial planning, participation)

7) Adaptopolis simulation game + discussion on adaptation measures

8) Urban architect - what is needed, examples, discussion

9) Savannah and other American cities - presentation and discussion

10) lecture only

11) - 12) reserve according to specific requirements and current topics

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to broaden the awareness of urban planning and spatial planning and to deepen the knowledge acquired in the basic courses through various forms, including methods of experiential pedagogy. In particular, the course aims to raise questions and seek answers, to learn to look at settlements with new eyes, to think about them and to form their own opinions. The explanations are always accompanied by walks, examples, discussions and interactive activities. For Z students, the course is suitable as preparation for the SBA.

Study materials:

Study materials are available on Moodle.

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