Space Mission

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2221220 Z,ZK 3 2P+1C Czech
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Department of Aerospace Engineering

The course will deal with space mission, their planning, realization and execution. Formal requirements on the space missions and the influence of space environment on living organisms will be also treated.


No requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Types of space missions and their requirements ? categorization by purpose, manned and unmanned mission, satellites and space probes, civilian and military projects, commercial and non-commercial missions

2) Stucture and events of the mission I. ? setting the goals, feasibility study, preliminary study, review, financial and time plan, management of resources for realization

3) Stucture and events of the mission II. ? management of manufacturing resources, manufacturing and testing of components, training of ground and flight crew, final assembly and (pre)launch procedures

4) Stucture and events of the mission II. ? in-flight operations, mission control, communication, resolving of anomalies, mission results assesment

5) Notable missions I. ? unmanned missions (suborbital and orbital, Earth observation, communication satellites, interplanetary probes, other missions, spaceflight in Czech R.)

6) Notable missions II. ? manned missions (short- and long-term, interplanetary, service missions, space station maintenance)

7) Legislation and administration I. ? organizations, agencies and their structure, authorization and certification procedures

8) Legislation and administration II. ? space law, international relations and treaties, Czech involvement in ESA

9) Safety of spaceflight ? demands on reliability and durability of space technologies, ground testing facilities, fail-safe design, ecological and safety risks

10) Space medicine I. ? requirements on conditions for life support, physiological parameters and their measurements, pre-flight preparation of the crew, physiological effects of microgravity and means of their mitigation, effects of space radiation

11) Space medicine II. ? psychology, medical care on microgravity, telemedicine, earthbound applications

12) Excursion I. ? visit at selected companies and institutions connected with space science and technologies in Czech Rep.

13) Excursion II. ? visit at selected companies and institutions connected with space science and technologies in Czech Rep.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1-6) Stucture and events of the mission

7) Legislation and administration

8-9) Safety of spaceflight

10) Space medicine

11-13) Excursion

Study Objective:

Introduction to the space mission.

Study materials:

- Brown, C. D.: Spacecraft Mission Design, AIAA, 1998

- Brown, C. (ed): Elements of Spacecraft Design, AIAA, 2003

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