Regulation and engine controls

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

In the opening part of the subject the history and the development of the control systems of the aircraft turbine engines (ATE) is described. Subsequently the aircraft turbine engine as subject of control is analysed by means of motion equations. The motion equations are used for solving both steady states and mainly for transient states. In the subject the attention is given to the Full Authority Digital Electronic Control. The course also teaches methods and techniques of controlling, managing and regulation for piston aircraft engines.


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Syllabus of lectures:

1) Aircraft piston engines controls, carburetor managing, fuel injection managing

2) Aircraft piston engines ignition systems managing and regulation

3) Aircraft piston engines additional controls

4) Managing and regulation of aircraft piston engines equipped with fixed pitch propellers

5) Managing and regulation of aircraft piston engines equipped with controllable pitch propellers

6) Propeller governors

7) Development trends

8) Fundamental terms, distribution of control arrangement

9) ATE as a subject of control

10) Motion equation of the ATE

11) Control of ATE

12) Regulator of steady state regimes and Regulator of transient regimes

13) ATE limiters.

14) Fadec. Propeller regulator

Syllabus of tutorials:

Definition of Propeller governor for twin piston aircraft

-Defining data necessary for governor selection.

-Defining of possible and feasible types and models.

-Final selection and defining technical specification and terms to supplier.

Arrangement and Calculation of the aircraft turbine engines motion equation.

Study Objective:

Explain to students methods of control and regulation of piston and turbine aircraft engines.

Brief history of the control systems

Basic notion and ?living space? defined by air specifications

Initial engines description as a subject of control

Statement of requirements for control systems

Definition of control law

Structure of control system scheme

Study materials:

- Tony Bingelis ? Forewall Forward, Engine installation methods, EAA

- Key Reprints; Lycoming Flyer; 1996

- Aircraft Propellers and Controls - Frank Delp, Jeppesen Sanderson Training Products, 1979

- The Jet Engine - Rolls-Royce plc 1986, Fifth edition, Reprinted 1996 with revisions, The Technical Publications Department

- SAE AIR5924 - Guidelines for the Integration of Electronic Engine Control Systems with Transport Category Aircraft Systems, 2004

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