Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Student will get a basics of spacecraft dynamics. Main part will be devoted to astrodynamics and orbital mechanics.


No requirements.

Syllabus of lectures:

1) Point mass in gravitational field I. - laws of motion, conservatio laws, law of gravity, equations of motion, two-body problem, Kepler's laws

2) Point mass in gravitational field II. ? movement along conics, systems of coordinates, orbital elements

3) Point mass in gravitational field III. ? types of orbits, basics of spherical trigonometry

4) Point mass in gravitational field IV. - restricted three-body problem, spheres of influence, Lagrangian points

5) Point mass in gravitational field V. - non-ideal gravity field, non-keplerian trajectories, stability of orbits

6) Motion with acceleration I. - reactive propulsion, Tsiolkovski equation, delta-v, specific impulse

7) Motion with acceleration II. ? single- impulse maneuvers, double-/multi-impulse and continuous maneuvers

8) Motion with acceleration III. ? Lambert's problem, transfer trajectories, rendezvous maneuvers, formation flying

9) Motion with acceleration IV. ? space launch dynamics, multi-stage launcher

10) Motion of 3D body I. - momentum of inertia, rotation of rigid body, variable momentum of inertia

11) Motion of 3D body II. - disturbing torques, active and passive attitude control

12) Motion of 3D body III. ? dynamics of controlling maneuvers

13) Basic problems of launch and reentry of spacecrafts

Syllabus of tutorials:

1)-5) Motion in gravitational field

6)-9) Motion with acceleration

10)-12) Motion of 3D body

13) Launch and reentry of spacecrafts

Study Objective:

Introduction to astrodynamics.

Study materials:


Howard D. Curtis: Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students, Elsevier, 2005, ISBN 0-7506-6169-0


Sidi, M. J.: Spacecraft Dynamics and Control: A Practical Engineering Approach, Cambridge U. Press; 2000

Roger R. Bate, Donald D. Mueller, Jerry E. White: Fundamentals of astrodynamics, Dover Publications, 1971, ISBN 0-48660-061-0

David A. Vallado: Fundamentals of Astrodynamics and Applications, 4th ed., McGaw-Hill, 2013, ISBN 1-88188-318-3

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