Aerodynamics I

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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Aerodynamics I is a basic theoretical subject in Aerospace Engineering. The class is intended to familiarize students with the fundamental solutions and mathematical modeling of inviscid and viscous flow cases around aerodynamic profile and airplane wing.


Fyzika I Alfa, Fyzika II Alfa, Mechanika III Alfa, Termomechanika Alfa, Mechanika tekutin Alfa.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Aerodynamics domain of interest. Properties of Earth's atmosphere, international standard atmosphere.

2.Basic laws of physics to describe fluid flow. The equations describing the flow of viscous incompressible fluid. Differential and integral approach. Kinematic description of motion and deformation of a fluid, eddy fluid flow.

3.Aerodynamic forces, moments and coefficients, coordinate systems. Arrangement of an aerodynamic experiment. Differences between ideal and real flow.

4.Real flow fields which are close to potential. Planar potential flow field. Basic features of potential flow fields and possibilities for describing incompressible potential flow fields.

5.Simple cases of planar, incompressible potential flow fields. Combining simple cases of potential flow fields.

6.Boundary layer, laminarity and turbulence. Prandtl and Kármán equations of boundary layer. Solution possibilities of integral basic parameters of laminar and turbulent boundary layer. Effect of pressure gradient. Turbulence description and turbulence models, solving the turbulent boundary layer, boundary layer transition.

7.Airfoils. Geometric characteristics, aerodynamic characteristics of airfoils, flow field and flow around an aerodynamic profile. Aerodynamic profiles and their lift, drag and moment characteristics. Airfoil families.

8.Theories of airfoils based on conformal transformations in the planar, incompressible flow fields.

9.Airfoil theories based on the method of singularities. Theory of thin profile, Glauert solutions of the mean line, solution of thickness function.

10.Numerical methods, CFD.

11.Compressibility of gases. Characteristics of subsonic, transonic and supersonic flow. Propagation of pressure perturbations.

12.Basic laws of physics to describe compressible flow. Foundations and functions of gas dynamics. Aerodynamic heating. Measurement of state variables and the flow velocity in compressible fluids.

13.Excursion to the low speed and high speed wind tunnel.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.International Standard Atmosphere, scalar, vector and tensor fields

2.Measurement of an aircraft speed

3.Wind tunnel experiment, laboratory measurements - pressure sensors, hotwire anemometry

4.Pressure distribution on the profile, calculation of lift and pitching moment

5.Properties of profiles, profile series, calculations of basic profile types characteristics - introduction to panel methods

6.Planar potential flow field, flow around a cylinder

7.Conformal transformation, Zhukovski airfoil

8.Laminar boundary layer

9.Turbulent boundary layer

10.Theory of thin profile

11.Introduction to CFD, turbulence models in CFD

12.Derivation and use of equations for compressible flow. Dependence of Mach number and velocity parameter. Expression of dimensionless state variables.

13.Compressibility of gases. Pressure disturbance propagation. Aerodynamic heating.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to obtain knowledge of aerodynamics needed for qualitative and quantitative description of basic cases of aerodynamics. Course participants will become familiar with methods for flow field computations, laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layers and basic theories for solution of airfoil and wing properties.

Study materials:

?Barnes W., McCormick, Aerodynamics, Aeronautics and Flight Mechanics, John Wiley & Sons INC.

?R.W.Fox, A.T.McDonald, P.J.Pritchard, Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, John Wiley & Sons, INC.

?John D. Anderson,Jr., Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, McGraw-Hill, INC.

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