Additional timber and metal structures

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134YDK Z,ZK 6 3P+3C Czech
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Jakub Dolejš
Department of Steel and Timber Structures

The course introduces students to the basics of design and use of steel, timber and aluminum members and structures with emphasis on temporary structures. The course is dedicated to the scaffolding, also timber and aluminum temporary structures.


Design of load bearing structures 133NNK

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Scaffolding - introduction, design principles, history, material, loading.

2. Facade scaffolding - classification, function, joints, spatial rigidity, stability, design by scaffolding standards.

3. Spatial scaffolding systems and falsework - classification, function, load, design in accordance with standards.

4. Steel temporary structures - repetition, steel properties, basic types of loads, design in accordance with the theory of limit states.

5. Timber temporary structures - repetition, wood properties, basic types of loads, design in accordance with the theory of limit states.

6. Timber planar structures - girders, truss structures, arches, frames - geometry, structural design, principles, static check

7. Excursion - a manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding and formwork in Prague or near Prague.

8. Laboratory of steel and timber structures - material tests, tests of structural components, test of systems, tests of scaffolding.

9. Temporary aluminum structures - introduction, materials, fabrication, welding, design, design principles.

10. Thin-walled steel structures - introduction, production, design.

11. Rope auxiliary structures - design, types, production, application, behaviour theory, calculation.

12. Excursion to the building site - facade or spatial scaffolding in Prague or near Prague.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Design and check of a steel rocker arms for lifting and design modifications to increase its capacity.

2. Design and check of a frame manipulator made of steel square tubes.

3. Design and check of a pivot joint of steel elements.

4. Design and check of a steel sloping girder for a pulley fixing.

5. Design and check of clamping or stretching out steel tongs.

6. Design and check of a load capacity and stability freestanding (not anchored) tubular scaffolding.

7. Design of a steel or aluminum frame facade scaffolding system according to system documents.

8. Design and check of a timber brace for temporary structure and of its notch connection to the horizontal beam.

9. Design and check of a bearing rope over the road.

10. Design and check of a compression member of a nailed timber lattice girder.

Study Objective:

Participant will be able to design simple temporary structures according to new European procedures.

Study materials:

Studnička, J., 2016: Navrhování nosných konstrukcí. Ocelové konstrukce, ČVUT v Praze.

Studnička, J., 2014: Ocelové konstrukce. Normy, ČVUT v Praze.

Kuklík, P. , Kuklíková, A., Mikeš, K. 2013: Dřevěné konstrukce 1. Cvičení, ČVUT v Praze

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