Discrete Event Systems

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Department of Control Engineering

Discrete event systems (DES) will be defined formally regarding their description and modelling. Students will learn to understand and use several ways of DES modelling and verification. The acquired knowledge will be evaluated at real (in most cases) industrial applications.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Discrete event systems (DES), their models and basic qualities.

2. Parallel composition of automata, state observer.

3. Supervisory control of DES.

4. Design and realisation of supervisory control.

5. Controllability, observability, state blocking.

6. Petri nets as another way how to describe DES.

7. Timed and stochastic automata and Petri nets.

8. (max,plus) algebra.

9. Communication systems described as DES.

10. Modelling and analysis of communication systems properties.

11. Manufacturing systems as DES.

12. Modelling and analysis of manufacturing systems properties.

13. Verification of DES properties.

14. Hybrid systems

Syllabus of tutorials:

The exercise will be focused on practical aspects of DES modelling. A modelling environment will be available that allows checking and verifying DES properties. In a series of smaller tasks students will practice basic principles of DES design, ways how time and stochastic variables are introduced. In the other part of the course students will be assigned a more complex problem (such as a communication protocol, a robotic production line etc.) that will be modeled in a given way such as state machine, Petri net, (max,plus) algebra. Such a model will be verified to check if the given property rules are fulfilled.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Cassandras, Ch., Lafortune, S. Introduction to Discrete Event Systems, 2nd edition. 2008.

Hrúz, B., Zhou, M. Ch. Modeling and Control of Discrete-event Dynamic Systems: with Petri Nets and Other Tools. 2007.

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