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BE5B99PRO Z 10 2P+2S+6D English
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Jan Jandera, Jaroslav Knápek
Jan Jandera, Jaroslav Knápek
Jan Jandera, Jaroslav Knápek
Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

An individual student project. The student works on a topic of his or her interest under supervision of a faculty staff member. The topic selection is supposed to be consulted with the tutor. Aside the individual work and consultancies the project course is accompanied by lectures and practical seminars about economic aspects of projects, presentation skills and technical writing.


Students will work on project in groups of 2-3 students.

Project assignments are based on topics proposed by Dept. of Economics.

Assessment will be granted for project presentation and its approval by the teacher(s) of the class.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, Rules, Projects

2. Supply, Demand, Market equilibrium

3. Cost-Benefit principle, Consumer's situation, Marginal values

4. Average, Marginal and Total cost, Profit maximization

5. Decision making in economics, Opportunity cost

6. Impact of model assumptions on decisions of managers

7. Index numbers (Base value, Chain-type indexes), Compound annual growth rate

8. Money, Inflation, Deflation, GDP, Magic diamond

9. Communication and presentation techniques

10. Communication and presentation techniques cont.

11. Methods of data collection and data processing

12. Methods of data collection and data processing cont.

13. Comparative economic systems

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. -

2. Supply, Demand, Market equilibrium

3. Project 1 assignment

4. Consumer's situation

5. Costs, Profit maximization

6. Sunk cost, Opportunity cost, Irrelevant cost

7. Project 1 checkpoint & discussion, Project 2 assignment

8. Index numbers

9. Project 2 checkpoint & discussion

10. Presentation rehearsal

11. Presentation of Project 1 & peer assessment

12. Presentation of Project 2 & peer assessment

13. Final assessment

Study Objective:
Study materials:

- Frank, R.,H., Bernanke, B.: Principles of Economics

- Drury, C.: Managerial Accounting

Further information:
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