Project Design 2

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137PZ02 KZ 5 4C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Lenka Lomoz
Lenka Lomoz, Petra Váňová
Lenka Lomoz, Petra Váňová
Department of Railway Structures

Development of a complete noise study of the selected area, containing a significant share of rail traffic. Elaboration of a study including an assessment of the noise situation of the area and a possible proposal for a solution to the given situation. Application of knowledge of the relevant legislation, methodological guidelines for the calculation of traffic noise levels and prediction software intended for determining the noise load.


Regular consultations on the progress of the work.

Syllabus of lectures:

There are no lectures.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Possibilities of noise load assessment from the point of view of public health protection.

2. Essentials of an acoustic study (AS).

3. IMMI prediction software - materials for the creation of AS.

4. Work with prediction software.

5. Work with prediction software - consultation.

6. Acoustic measurement in the field - sound meter.

7. Postprocessing - work with measured data.

8. -12. Creating an acoustic study - consultation.

Study Objective:

Getting to know and learning how to work in prediction software. Orientation in the materials for acoustic studies. Gaining knowledge for independent work in the area of noise measurement and prediction.

Study materials:

Věstník MZČR - částka 11 - Metodický návod pro měření a hodnocení hluku v mimopracovním prostředí, 2017

Metodický pokyn pro hodnocení a řízení hluku ze železniční dopravy, č.j. 50023/2017-SŽDC-GŘ-O15, SŽDC, 2018

Enda Murphy, Eoin A. King: Environmental Noise Pollution - Noise mapping, Public Health and Policy, 2nd Edition, ISBN 978-0-12-820100-8, https://doi.org/10.1016/C2019-0-01226-5, 2022

The Environmental noise directive (END) 2002/49/EC

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