Human Performance and Limitations

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21LIVO Z,ZK 5 2P+2C+14B Czech
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Department of Air Transport

Human performace & limitations, aptibility & competence, accident statistics, flight safety, basics of flight physiology, man & environment, breathing & circulation, sensory system, health & hygiene, health preservation, intoxication, incapacitation, basics of flight psychology, human information processing, memory & learning, theory & model of human error, body rhythms & sleep, stress, fatigue, working methods.


Assesment is earned if the following criteria are met: (1) attendance at tutorials, (2) completion of regular tests, (3) presentation, and (4) and accompanying text for the presentation (term paper).

In the context of attendance, two timely excused absences (i.e., excused in advance or on the day of the tutorial) are accepted. Attendance at lectures is optional but recommended.

During the tutorial, students take an 8-minute, 10-question test (choosing one correct answer out of 4 possible answers), with each correct answer being scored 1 point. In this way, they take a total of 8 tests during the semester. The minimum score required is 50 % of the points (cumulative, from all tests). In case of absence, 0 points are gained for the test not taken, with no possibility of correction.

A presentation focusing on the student's chosen aviation accident is required to earn assesment. The presentation will also be accompanied by an accompanying text (term paper) prepared according to the instructions in template (minimum 4 standard pages of text) available on the course Moodle page. The schedule of presentations will be presented at the second class of the course and will be binding for students. The deadline for submission of the accompanying text is always midnight of the day before the presentation, via the course Moodle page.

Students presenting on the same day will coordinate with each other so that they do not prepare the same topic. No topic may be duplicated, i.e. each student (even across study groups) will prepare a different incident.

If all four conditions are met, i.e., a maximum of two timely excused absences, a minimum score of 50 % on all exams, a successful presentation (if a poor quality presentation, it may be returned for revision/rework), and the timely submission of a quality term paper (a paper prepared according to the guidelines in the template, may be returned for revision), the student is eligible to earn assesment. All conditions must be met before the exam period begins.

Students who have met the assesment requirements may take an oral examination. The dates of the examinations will be announced prior to the beginning of the examination period via KOS. Dates will be announced in sufficient capacity and will be binding, i.e. passing the examination is only possible on these dates. Failure to take the examination on these dates will result in failure of the course and the student must retake the course on a second registration. The last two exam dates listed are make-up dates only.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Introduce the students in the topic of human factors in aviation. Provide a comprehensive survey of physiology and psychology in the extent needed for further explanation, explain the basic concept of human performance and limitations in aviation with special respect to flight safety.

Study materials:

Beňo, L. ? Dzvoník, O.: Ľudské faktory v letectve. Žilinská univerzita. 2004

Háčik, Ľ.: Lidská výkonnost a omezení. Akademické nakladatelství CERM. 2002

Dylevský, I.: Základy anatomie a fyziologie člověka. Epava. 1995

Nakonečný, M.: Základy psychologie. Academia. 1998

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