Automation and Measurement

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Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation

Introduction into terms agent, rational agent, their unification to elements of transportation systems, analogies in nature, regulation in openen loop and control in closed loop, reactive systems, control using finite state machines. Dynamic system identification. Measurement of basic electric and other physical quantities, principles of measurement instruments, DC and AC measurement, actuators, measurement automation, measurement laboratories.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Automation of transport systems, identification of systems

2. Control, regulation in an open loop and control in a closed loop

3. Drives and actuators, sensors

4. Agent, rational agent, their identification with elements of transport systems, analogies in nature

5. Discrete and distributed simulations and their use in the automation process

6. Measurement of basic electrical quantities (resistance, voltage, current, impedance, frequency, phase shift, power, work)

7. Analog and digital measuring devices, principles, measurement errors

8. Measurement in digital systems - logic analyzers

9. Measurement of DC and AC, 1-3phase and -phase systems

10. DC and AC electric motors, distribution systems. Connecting appliances

11. Automation in measurement, GPIB bus, SW for automated measurements

12. Measurement of non-electric quantities

13. Testing laboratories, accreditation, EN 17025 standard

14. Finite state machine in control, SW implementation of a FSM

Syllabus of tutorials:

Deepening of programming knowledge, uncertainty calculations, finite state machines and examples of implementation of finite state machines, laboratory exercises. Materials and laboratory exercises will be published in the Moodle system.

Study Objective:

Introduction into automation of transport systems (regulation, finite state machines), system identification, used electric actuators and measurement of related electric and other physical quantities (resistance, voltage, current, impedance, frequence, phase shift, wattage, work, ...).

Study materials:

Haasz, Sedláček: Elektrická měření, Přístroje a metody, ČVUT 2005, ISBN 80-01-02731-7

Elektrotechnická měření. BEN 2002, ISBN 978-80-7300-0

Vrožina, Jančíková, David: Identifikace systémů, VŠB Ostrava, 2012

Beneš: Automatizace a automatizační technika 1, Computer Press Brno 2012, ISBN 978-80-251-3628-7

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