Laboratory Excersises in Power Engineering

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Department of Energy Engineering

Several days / week seminar on real experimental problems in the areas of energy and electricity power engineering provided by the Departments of Energy on FME CTU in Prague, FME VUT Brno, FME and FEI VŠB-TU Ostrava, selected departments of Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU in Prague and external teachers from CV Rez under the patronage of the Central European Energy Institute.

Students will learn the role of the laboratory in selected areas of energy and electricity power engineering (eg, fuel analysis, determining the fluidization characteristics of different materials, performance, efficiency and heat losses in small boilers, CCS technology, measurement of selected energy facilities (research reactor, heat exchanger, compressor, heat pump) and electrical equipment (generator, staging equipment, automation and control, system design, etc.). Additionally, students learn the basic procedures for the measurement of the main variables in the energy sector (flow, temperature, calorific value, etc.). All laboratory work by students receive, based on real applications used in real energy and electricity. Laboratory exercises will be conducted at selected laboratoratories.


basic knowledge in the field of energy enegineering, measurement methods, and laboratory exercises - recommended for students of master study program

Syllabus of lectures:

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Syllabus of tutorials:

Laboratory exercise 1-3 - FME Czech Technical University in Prague

Laboratory exercise 4-6 - Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU in Prague

Laboratory exercise 7-9 - FME VUT Brno

Laboratory exercise 10 to 15 - FME and FEI VŠB - TU Ostrava

Laboratory exercise 16 to 17 ? CV Rez

Laboratory exercises 4-6 and 16-17 will focus on laboratory excercises used in nuclear power (measured in research reactors, radiation measurement and their elimination, etc.)

Laboratory exercises 1-3, 7-9 and 10-12 will focus on conventional energy, renewable energy and control parameters (eg, analysis of fuel, boiler efficiency, measurement of equipment - boilers, steam generator level control, etc.)

Laboratory exercises 13-15 will focus on the electricity industry (eg, characteristics of the generator, networks, solar panels, etc.)

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to acquaint the students with specific information on energy engineering from different perspectives, namely mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineers and highlight the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of energy sector.

Study materials:

Preparing for the exercises

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